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The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2)

The Iron Traitor  (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2) - Julie Kagawa Ugh. Julie Kagawa knows how to kill me. This story line is a lot darker than the Meghann's story. It's a lot edgier, filled with more anger, angst, and foreboding moments. Kagawa reinvents her world, bringing us back to the Nevernever. She brings us to familiar places, but tells it in a way that's new. There were many moments that I didn't recognize the area, but I think that was smart. I was able to fear the unknown of the Nevernever, as it should; rightfully so. I started reading The Iron Traitor because I was in a little reading slump. But as usual, Kagawa knows how to bring me out of anything. Her stories engage me, always with a mix of action and comedy. Her words know how to bring out emotions, whether they are ones of happiness and ones of anger. Kagawa's writing seems to get better with every story. She knows how to fine tune her stories not just for herself and her storytelling, but also for her audience. She knows when to make someone cry, make someone fearful of the dark, and when you least expect it, feel so much angst because she just did something you would never expect.Without saying much right now, Ethan Chase is put into many scenarios that tests his loyalty, his character, and his heart. It's great to see him grow up into this young man. His voice is realistic, it's surreal. I feel like that through Kagawa's writing, he is a tangible person. In this world filled with fae, magic, and the unknown, Ethan stands out as the hero to love. His walk between good and evil is exhilarating. Kagawa's supporting characters in The Iron Traitor makes waves. They want more than a supporting role, and it's refreshing to see. Some really stand out, while others surprise. Kagawa is an evil literary genius. And I loved reading The Iron Traitor. This is definitely going to be a story to remember for fall.