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Bang (Visions)

Bang - Lisa McMann Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Lisa McMann did it again. In the sequel to the amazing Crash, Bang is the sequel of all sequels. Not only does the story evolve, but it further catapults my love for these characters. There’s a lot of talent to complete a story in two books. While Crash could have been a stand-a-lone (minus the ending), Bang compliments the story, never changing the integrity of story’s goal. Now before I begin, a warning that I will be talking about spoilers that happened in Crash. It’s inevitable, and I apologize if I ruin anything for you.Bang begins immediately after Crash. Sawyer is experiencing visions, and Jules believes she must have transferred something from a single, first kiss. Sawyer doesn’t understand how it happened, nor can he comprehend the meaning of the vision. What he does know is that there are many dead people from a deadly shooting. Fortunately, Jules has experience and will do anything to help Sawyer in any way that she can. I cannot begin to express how much more involved Bang was. As a reader, I was fully immersed into the vivid imagery and details. I paid more attention to each clue for the vision, and I firmly credit McMann’s descriptive writing that allowed me to paint a clear picture. I must admit that at first I couldn’t wrap my head around the transfer of visions from one character to another. But, I was interested in how McMann would tell the tale from a different point of view; how she would bring the experience to a new light. And let me tell you, it was much different, but amazingly so. Bang is told in an alternating point-of-view style. I found this method more engaging and perfect for how the story played out. The details, thoughts, and emotions from each Sawyer and Jules added to the excitement and anticipation of the varying moments. Observing Sawyer’s experience of severe derealization versus Jules thoughts of organized chaos served as a good balance. In their situation, where time is ticking against a catastrophic event, the calm before the chaos was terrifying. While I usually individually discuss the characters in my reviews, I chose not to this time. Each character has their own pros and cons, but I’ll leave their growth for you to discover. I enjoyed them both and fell in love with who they became. Their voices were realistic, and not once did I question what was going on. Lisa McMann is one of my favorite authors, and Bang has solidified that as fact. I highly urge you to read Bang, because it is a wonderful and an engaging read.