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One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress Series #6)

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Posted on Book Chelle.In the sixth installment of the Night Huntress series, Cat and Bones finds themselves helping Elizabeth, a ghost haunted of her past. She was brutally killed by the hands of Heinrich Kramer, who calls himself The Inquisitor; the same who wrote the Malleus Maleficarum. The Malleus Maleficarum is the treatise on witches, which condemned women, and in his eyes, punishable by death. Cat and Bones go through the channels of a medium to contact Kramer, only to underestimate the power that he holds. Now he's on the loose and wrecking havoc on Cat, fixated on making her life miserable.Cat is different in this book. She seems more accepting of herself and her powers. She didn't waver in her abilities to hone in on her "borrowed" powers when the time was right. There was a moment when, in my opinion, she seemed a little soft. The challenges that she faced in this book were faced head on with determination, but I didn't feel the same amount of "kick ass woman" mojo that she normally projects.To me, Bones wasn't as present in this one as I would have liked. Yes, he was there on numerous occasions, but clearly Cat was the main attraction. Unlike the previous books, Bones was not there to save the day. Cat has become someone stronger, in a sense, and maybe that was my issue. I missed the good old days of Cat and Bones. But I also felt the same for the other supporting characters. I didn't feel their presence as I have in the past. I reread all of the books to remember every detail prior to the release of One Grave at a Time. It gave me a chance to fall in love with Cat and Bones. It was nice to go back to the beginning. I experienced their love story all over again.But when I read this book, the feeling fizzled a little. I didn't get the same reaction that I did from the previous books. Maybe it was the elements of the plot and how it was handled. Maybe it was how it was resolved. Maybe the other devices that came into play were distracting to me. Or maybe it was just Cat and Bones themselves.Or maybe, it was my expectations. Since I had reread the books, I was on a momentum that I shouldn't have been on. Was it fair to compare this book to the rest? Most likely not, but I had expected so much from these two, so I couldn't completely enjoy the story at hand. The writing had the same fluidity and the story progressed well, but I felt that One Grave at a Time fell short in comparison to its predecessors. The dialogue stayed true to the previous books. The theme was familiar, but a little different. I still enjoyed this book, as well as seeing Cat and Bones. Despite what I felt about the content, I am still a fan.