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Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3)

Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer Posted on Dark Faerie TalesBloodrose, the last book in the Nightshade trilogy, brings the reader to the edge of suspense and back. Bloodrose picks up almost exactly where Wolfsbane ended, and continues on this adventure. Tensions arise as alliances have been formed and lines drawn between enemies. The Searchers and the Keepers are aware of the looming battle, and unfortunately the Guardians have a clear division between the Nightshade and the Bane pack. But on the side of the Searchers, they have the Scion, Shay, to end the evil and dark creatures that Bosque Mar has summoned.Calla has suffered the consequences for her choices and actions, some more grave than others. But she still holds on to her belief that she is on the right side, along Shay and the Searchers. With Shay and the pack members that have joined her, they work with the Searchers to find the missing pieces to the Cross. They travel from place to place, battling unknown foes and uncovering pieces, not only for the sword but for the truth. There is still so much unknown, and they all depend on the success of each and every scouting mission. For Calla, there is more than one battle that she fights. Not only does she fight the battle of good and evil, but she battles the fight of love. She is torn between what she has known for most of her life and for the love that she feels for the future. Internal struggles bring her into this tug-of-war between Ren and Shay, both alphas in their own right, and both deserving of her love. Calla has grown in the three books, and I think she is the strongest in Bloodrose. Aside from whom she truly loves, she knows her strength as a wolf and as a person. She oozes with confidence and finds her wisdom in the darkest of hours.Shay is the Scion. If that isn’t worldly pressure, then I don’t know what is. Shay isn’t just focused on Calla anymore; he has a whole world and race to think about. The Searchers are his people, Earth and nature are what he needs to protect, and the Keepers and the Bane pack are what needs to be defeated. He has grown assertive and dominant, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. I felt love and hate for him, and often simultaneously. But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and apparently it goes for other things also.Ren is the third in the Nightshade trilogy love triangle. I’ve hated him, then loved him, and back again. I learned more about Ren in this book. I saw the more human and caring side of him. His story, yet beautiful, is what allowed me to accept him and also respect him. The details that Cremer wrote about him allowed my imagination to make him real. Ren definitely showed a different personality and one that brings him into your heart.There are many changes in the Cremer’s world. From Nightshade, to Wolfsbane, and now to Bloodrose, there is more history and lore involved. There are different environments and details that go into the storyline. It isn’t just where Calla grew up, but instead Cremer brings so many different elements that add to the suspense and intrigue of it all. I am unsure of what I feel in regards to the plot. I felt that there was a steady progression with the story that was leading to an epic battle. I felt that I was on the edge of my seat many, many times. The characters were involved, the scenes engaging, and the writing on point. But I wanted more, as I mostly do with many good stories. I felt that there were things left unsaid or things left undone.