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Witch Eyes (Witch Eyes, #1)

Witch Eyes (Witch Eyes, #1) - Scott Tracey Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I’ve heard great things about Scott Tracey’s Witch Eyes. In a world of popular young adult fiction, Witch Eyes stands out, to me. Tracey builds a dynamic world, filled with strong characters and an even stronger plot. With many supernatural, action, and suspenseful elements, Tracey adds his own unique elements. Definitely one of the enjoyable reads for this year. Braden has been sheltered for most of his life. His uncle John has hidden him in the middle of nowhere, teaching him everything he can about magic, spells, and elements. But Braden is as powerful as any witch, because he was born with witch eyes. Witch eyes are an ability to see the world in it’s truest sense. Braden can see the darkness lingering, the magic essence, and an explosion of memories that have left its remnants. But an unexpected and terrible vision has altered Braden’s life. In order to protect his uncle, Braden sets off for Belle Dam, a city he familiar to his family but that he has never known. Once he arrives, he quickly discovers the history of two feuding witch families,the Lansings and the Thorpes. But that’s not all he discovers, and he may have put himself and his loved ones in even more danger.Braden is a strong character. I thought him to be layered with so many great qualities. His life choice doesn’t define him in any way, nor did Tracey make it a large issue in Witch Eyes. Braden is unique and original, determined and filled with strength. His eyes add a sense of vulnerability to him, but in a calculating, observant sense. He is sensitive, but to those that he cares about the most. It’s rare that I find a character to be strong from start to finish, and that was Braden, through and through. The world in Witch Eyes was interesting. Tracey built Belle Dam to become a complex spell. Each character, each place added to the darkness looming around the city. It added to the mystery, and I really enjoyed it. The action was jam-packed. I didn’t expect to see hellhounds, shape shifters, and demons in the mix. It definitely added an evil element, fierce and creepy. Let me just say there’s a little girl that will give you nightmares!Witch Eyes was an easy read. The beginning instantly grabs you, and you’re on this intense journey. Tracey fills your mind with detail, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel bogged down by the information. He paced the chapters nicely, and I never felt like a scene dragged on. He adds a slight romance, and for those of you who have never written LGBT elements, don’t worry. Tracey doesn’t make this element define the characters, but adds an extra awesome factor to the story. Witch eyes was different, as were its world and characters. Tracey brought out my imagination and I highly enjoyed it.