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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris' Unraveling took me by surprise. I purposely stayed away from this story because I was afraid to love it like everyone around me has. I was afraid of an ending and a year-long wait. Unraveling is a well-thought out book, with riveting characters and an engaging story. A story that will have you wanting more. A young girl is hit by a truck, instantly dying upon impact, only to wake up alive. Janelle Tanner lives with her parents and younger brother. Her life was normal, complete, except for a few things. Janelle believes that Ben Tanner knows the reason why she's alive and not dead. And she feels that he could know about other things that have been happening recently. Janelle's father works as the head of counterintelligence for the FBI, currently on a case that is giving him sleepless nights. They found an explosive device, and even worse than that, it has a countdown but they don't know for what. Janelle is a great character and introduced in an unforgettable manner. Janelle is strong and powerful in her own way, flawed and constantly making mistakes one after the next. She's a character that's come in full circle, a dichotomy of character traits married in harmony. Janelle is sure of herself, making strides when she wants. But best of all, Janelle is someone that you want to be friends with. Norris builds up Janelle to be a heroine to look up to, but not so high that she has to be put on a pedestal. Janelle is easily to relate to, but complex enough to intrigue you. The characters that Norris introduces you to are well thought out, each layering depth to the story. I couldn't believe the amount of awesome written on the pages. Each one plays a part, and each one with as much complexity as the next. The characters are there to entertain you, to be your friends, and to be your enemies. Norris has written them to make long lasting relationships with the reader, amazing in each of their own right. And last, but not least, Norris' world of Unraveling. It is set in San Diego, on Earth. A simple and ordinary town on the outside, but filled with intricacies complimenting the plot and the characters. Norris' writing is flawless, making me an instant fan. Unbreakable engages you from the first page to the last, and let me tell you that the last page will draw you in like no other. Norris draws out the emotions, and not just love and hate. She brings out all the colors of the emotional spectrum, and you will love and hate her equally for it.Unraveling is a great book. No, scratch that. Unraveling is a wonderful story told by an author who has brought her characters out for the world to love them.