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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.When I met Elizabeth Norris at a signing, she had said that Unraveling was planned as a standalone. I was elated when she followed that statement that there would be a sequel. Unraveling is a sequel that I never imagined could exist. Norris has filled this story with so many wonderful elements, that it has become one of my favorite reads. Strong characters? Check. Incredible plot? Check. Imaginative world? Check. Staying up all night to finish the book because you HAVE to finish it now? Check, double check, and triple check. It has been four months since Janelle said goodbye to Ben. She has felt a void in her life, and it just hasn't been the same. In this science fiction world, there are parallel universes. Each one with a duplicated persona, altered by varying personalities. Where Unraveling ended in resolutions, Unbreakable tore it all apart. Barclay came back to Janelle's Earth, to ask for her aid in helping Ben. There are people missing from different worlds, and all fingers point to Ben. Janelle must travel to an unknown world, to save Ben. But the most difficult part? Having to say hello again, when it took so long to get over the goodbye. Janelle is different in Unbreakable. She became an introvert, with strong determinations. Norris made sure that you could feel Janelle's bleak mood and dejections. Janelle became a shadow of who she was in Unraveling. She lost the people she loved the most, and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. It was heartbreaking to read the turmoil and heartaches that she felt inside. She never voiced it, and her inner thoughts spoke volumes. It was easy to connect with Janelle again. Every person has lost someone in some way or manner. Norris just used those emotions and pulled. In Unbreakable, the supporting characters were renewed. Each one had their own personality transformation. Barclay, for one, was a surprise. He became a show frontrunner, taking the reigns when necessary, but showing sympathy and vulnerability when called for. I enjoyed getting to know him a little more in Unraveling, and I think you will to. Ben surprised me in a few ways. Norris didn't spare him from the changes. He became this hard person, trying to survive with every part of his being. I fell out of love with him in a few scenes, and I think it was needed. I had to see his flaws, for me to understand why I cared about him so much. Norris world in Unraveling takes us out of familiar San Diego and into a whole different universe. It was nice to see death and destruction, where every corner was the wrong side of town. The setting was as much a characters as the people were. Each place was an unknown variable that altered the outcomes that I imagined. It became this other thing that I looked forward to get to know. I enjoyed the story. It was different, but had several familiar subplot points. Some things were a little predictable, but it never took away from the enjoyment of reading Unbreakable. There are many surprises, a few heartaches, and enough swoony moments to fill your mental journal of love. The story was meaningful and well thought out. Norris may not have planned for this sequel, but it was written with zeal. I highly recommend this book. Norris brought out so many emotions from me, and at the end of the day, that's what I love about reading.