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Heart of Steel (Iron Seas Series #2)

Heart of Steel -  Meljean Brook Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I love Meljean Brook. After The Iron Duke, I became a fan. Who wouldn’t love pirates, steampunk, and zombies in a historical setting? With the next book in the Iron Seas series, Heart of Steel, I wasn’t sure if I was going to miss Trahaern and Mina too much to be open to another storyline. But Brook proved me wrong. She proved that anything set in this world is just as adventurous and daring as the one before it. Let me tell you why.The Lady Corsair is captained by none other than Yasmeen. She is a mercenary captain with a ferocious loyalty to her ship and her crew. When a man she previously threw off her ship comes back from the dead and tries to seize her ship, she will stop at nothing to get her guy. Archimedes Fox wants what is his. He has an agenda, and a pricey one at that. He will do what he can to seduce the airship captain and get what he wants. Now whether that is the bounty or the captain herself, it will be up to the captain.Yasmeen is a fantastic heroine filled with flaws and secrecy. We first met her in The Iron Duke, already with as much spunk that you’d want in a leading character. She has so much ferocity; you will never want to be on her bad side. But with all of these personality traits on the outside, we also get to see Yasmeen’s soft inside. Just don’t tell her that you see it, and you’ll stay alive. She is vulnerable and is a romantic. As a reader, we get to see her thoughts towards her ship, her crew, and delve inside the tidbits of her past that she allows. The growth of her character throughout the book is fascinating – from the anger and sorrow of her loss to the calm and contentment of the peace she eventually receives. I will always vote for Yasmeen, and you should also.Mr. Fox is a dashing man. He is charismatic and witty, always quick to say something snarky. He is a wonderful match for Yasmeen. He has known her for a long time, since the days aboard his father’s ship. It is this that allows him to slowly work his magic towards melting her heart. But despite how positive and happy he seems, he has his own flaws and sorrows. I spoke in depth about the Iron Seas’ world in my review of The Iron Duke. I thought that Heart of Steel would take me along familiar paths and places, but Brook proved me wrong. I was taken deeper into the world, past the borders of New London and the Horde territory. I was brought into a different culture that I knew of. It was fascinating to learn more about it all. Brook’s two books so far has talked about loyalty to the captains’ crews. She showcases the bonds created between a group of people, respecting their leader and understanding what the crew needs. But she also manages to talk about the turmoil and pains that the main characters have gone through after the Horde. With Yasmeen, we are taken to another place, another part of pain that I wasn’t expecting. Meljean Brook’s Heart of Steel is a wonderful story of adventure and love. But beyond that, it is also about loyalty and respect. Heart of Steel is a great story for the science fiction fan. Come for the pirates and stay for the zombies.