Book Chelle


Crash - Lisa McMann McMann brings me into another contemporary world based on one's perception. She has managed to bring me into the mind of young Jules. She brought me into her world of visions, and with that the ugly truth of knowing the future. I loved the way the story played out. And I absolutely loved the plot. It's unique to McMann and she does it so well. The contemporary setting is just the background, and the details around the characters' lives are what takes center stage. She places items and details strategically around the story, always managing to bring that detail to life.I adored Jules. She is a main character to love. She's normal but secretly one-of-a-kind. She isn't someone that screams "Take notice of me!" but her actions speaks volumes. She was fun to get to know. I can't speak about the other characters without fully spoiling the story. They each play a key part to Jules' life, some more than others. The relationships that she has with each one give a glimpse into who she is. It's human interaction brought in with a little science fiction. I really enjoyed Crash. I inhaled each word, taking in everything McMann had to offer.