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Three Little Words (Fool's Gold #12)

Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12) - Susan Mallery Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Susan Mallery was one of my first contemporary romance authors. I have followed her writing career since I started reading adult romance. It is a testament for an author’s talent and love for the craft that she manages to keep her audience engaged. That is the case for Three Little Words. In the twelfth tale from Fool’s Gold, I finally find out more about Ford Hendrix. Ever since the triplets spoke about their elusive brother, I have been intrigued. Well the time is here, and Mallery couldn’t have done a better job with him. Before I continue gushing about Ford, let me tell you a little bit about Three Little Words. Three Little Words brings us the rekindling of Ford Hendrix and Isabel Beebe. Isabel has loved Ford since she was young teenager, when her sister broke Ford’s heart. When Ford left for the military, quickly after, Isabel began to write to him. She wrote to him periodically, first to just communicate, but later to confide in. Ford never responded, but didn’t stop her. Eventually, time passed, and they moved on. Isabel lived a life outside of Fool’s Gold, but she has temporarily came back to help her parents sell Paper Moon Bridal Shop, their family bridal gown boutique. Ford lived his life far away from Fool’s Gold as he can. But his latest business venture and start of civilian life has brought him back as well. I have been a fan of Isabel since Just One Kiss. She’s quirky, and I have admired her long-time crush for Ford. She makes it a point to avoid him, but reluctantly asks about him. She describes many women I know, and I’m sure I’ve acted the same at one point or another. Isabel is realistic and funny. She’s loyal to her friends and family, especially her grandmother. Mallery wrote her as if she was one of my friends. She became a tangible person with true emotions. I adored her.Ford is delicious. Mallery did a great job with him. He has become this unattainable person that I’d want to chase…forever. I respected his blunt and brash thoughts, but loved how he was also caring when the time called for it. For someone like Ford, with what he has seen and done, it probably wasn’t easy to write a closed-off person. But I knew who he was, thanks to Mallery. She allowed me to see past his reservations and guarded persona, but not in a way where it was filled with angst and turmoil. It was easy to understand him. I love that about a character.The recipe of love isn’t something new, but Mallery has told it in a way that is refreshing. There are elements within Ford and Isabel’s relationship that stay true to who Mallery is as a writer, but I think she also adds attributes that engages the reader. The character voices are unique and independent of one another, and I find it fascinating that she can write individual voices for each and every citizen of Fool’s Gold. There are so many, yet she manages to keep it all organized and entertaining. Mallery’s writing style is familiar to me. Throughout her writing career, she updated a few techniques here and there, but it still stands out. I feel comforted by how she delivers a story of love, whether it is a sad tale or a happy ever after. Fool’s Gold is a great series and I cannot wait to read more. I highly urge you to read Three Little Words, as well as the rest of the Fool’s Gold series.