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Only His (Fool's Gold Series #6)

Only His - Susan Mallery Posted on Book Chelle.Susan Mallery brings us back to Fool's Gold with the sixth installment of the series, Only His. This time, the story belongs to Nevada Hendrix, the last triplet to be featured in the series. Having read the three stories about the Hendrix sisters, I have to say that Only His was my favorite.Nevada Hendrix is a triplet to Dakota and Montana Hendrix. They share everything. From their quirky personalities, similar beauty, and smart wits, there isn't much that separates the triplets from each other. That is until Nevada's sisters found love and got engaged. Nevada is beyond thrilled for her sisters, and eventually she too will find love. But for now, she wants to find herself.Nevada has left the family business to challenge and use her skills, and in return, prove to herself that she can be her own woman. Nevada is on her way to interview with a construction company that will build a casino and hotel in Fool's Gold. She is confident as she steps in the room to interview with the owner of Janack Construction. But of course, the unexpected happened. Instead of Mr. Janack, Nevada will be interviewed by Tucker Janack. Did I mention that she was in love with Tucker? Complicates things, doesn't it?Flashbacks of Nevada's past are told throughout Only His, and we see a different side of Nevada. We see how Nevada falls in and out of love with Tucker Janack. So when I said a complicated interview, that doesn't even begin to describe it. But Tucker and Nevada are adults now. The past was ten years ago. Tucker knows that Nevada is the right person for the job, and has apologized for the past. Will Nevada let go of the past to get the job done? Only Nevada has the answer to that.Aside from Nevada and Tucker's main story, there are also subplots that happen in Only His. Mallery introduces us to a few new faces and allows us to get to know some older ones.The story between Will, Tucker's right hand man at Janack Construction, and Jo, owner of Fool's Gold bar, is one that almost stole the show. There were some moments where their story took center stage and almost outshines the relationship between Tucker and Nevada. I finally found out about Jo. Her story breaks my heart, and while I admired Will for his tenacity, he seemed to be a little aggressive with his feelings. Another story that we see a glimpse of is the story between Denise and Max. We have seen the mother of the Hendrix clan, Denise, since the first book. She has always been a warm presence in Fool's Gold. With the sadness of her husband's death, there was always an empty void to fill. A few dates and a rekindled romance later, she finds her answers and happiness with Max. Like I said earlier, this was my favorite in the last three books. Nevada was someone that I truly related with. I have been in her shoes, and felt every emotion that Mallery relayed in the story. While I felt that some subplots and supporting characters overshadowed the magic happening with Tucker and Nevada, the overall story was great. I was a bit disappointed that Nevada had to share the spotlight, but I think I found out enough about her.Mallery has a lot of talent, inventing new scenarios and bringing back old ones. It was funny, sweet, and absolutely enjoyable. I couldn't put it down! I must admit, I lost sleep and finished it in one night. For those of you who love a great story, get to know Nevada and Tucker in Only His. You'll adore Nevada, fall in love with Tucker, and want to move in to Fool's Gold.