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Only Yours (Fool's Gold Series #5)

Only Yours - Susan Mallery Posted on Book Chelle.There's always something about Susan Mallery books that touches my heart in a special way. She knows how to make me laugh and how to make me cry. And when you think you don't have enough emotion left, she adds an element of surprise that just breaks you down all together.And no, it's never in a bad or negative way.Montana is the character that I have related the most to, in the Fool's Gold series. Since her introduction into the Fool's Gold series, she has seemed lost, immature, and at times unsure of who she is. Was Mallery spying on me, because I'm pretty sure this is my life. Montana is one of the Hendrix triplets and sometimes feels is in the shadow of her sisters' successes. In my eyes, Montana represents a lot of young women today. She has spent a large part of her adult life trying to find her niche. While she's had many successful careers, she hasn't felt like she belonged in any of them. While some people may feel that she is unable to commit to anything, she is loyal and true to herself, her loved ones, and the town of Fool's Gold. Simon was introduced in a not-so-great way. His introduction to the book made him seem uptight and rude. While you later find out that his passion for his patients is strong, he definitely carries it in a harsh and abrasive manner. I didn't really understand Simon until I got to the end of the book. I could pick up little pieces, here and there, and make my assumptions, but nothing was defined until the end. Simon is a burn survivor and helps other burn patients by being one of the best surgeons in the world. He is complex, guarded, and feels like his only purpose is to help others. He doesn't believe in love, but questions everything when he meets Montana. The instant attraction that Simon felt for Montana showed that under the tough exterior, was a heart that was aching to love. Once you get to know him, you can't help but fall in love with him. Your heart will just melt.There were some parts of this book that I wish progressed a little more. At times, I felt that the story between Montana and Simon was overshadowed by the side stories of Montana's family. While the first three books in the Fool's Gold series mainly focused on the main characters, book four and five have started to blend. I assume it's because the next three books (#4,5, and 6) of the Fool's Gold series revolve around the Hendrix triplets. It makes sense, really. Triplets are very involved in their lives, and the Hendrix sisters are no exception to that rule. Mallery knows how to discuss situations that are not normally talked about in romances. In some romances that I have read, the woman cannot live without the man. In Only Yours, it is evident that Montana has stepped into her confidence and can survive on her own. Mallery knows how to pull your heart-strings and have your emotions on a roller coaster, right along the characters that she creates. Mallery knows how to set herself apart from typical romance stories, and this is why I always look forward to her books.