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Reflected in You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #2)

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Sylvia Day’s second book in the Crossfire series, Reflected in You, picks up immediately after the end of Bared to You. Reflected in You consists of drama, and a lot of it. I want to say that there was a lot more going on in Reflected than in Bared. At first, I didn’t exactly know if it was necessarily a good or bad thing, but the events throughout the book quickly altered my feelings.Reflected in You continues to follow the complicated relationship of Eva and Gideon. While Day has progressed their relationship into something resembling normalcy, both Eva and Gideon have a lot of secrets and unknowns. While working on creating a solid foundation to their relationship, they are both faced with new obstacles and insecurities both outside and inside their relationship. But what I’ve noticed is that while they take a couple of steps towards progress, there is always something that alters their path and forces them to take one back. It’s complication and dysfunctional at its best, and Day has added a few steamy scenes to make the readers aching heart feel better.Eva is still as strong willed as ever, and it might be the one thing that hurts her relationship. Not that a woman can’t be strong in a relationship, but that her determination and pride could get in the way of seeing the bigger picture and settling for compromise. Her past, her crazy jealous, and her clouded-by-emotion judgement alters her actions. Eva irked me a little in Reflected in You, and where I thought it was endearing in the first book, left me a little turned off in this one.Gideon is melodramatic and controlling, but I don’t think that was anything new. I found out a little more about him in Reflected, some great things and a lot of not so sweet. He’s damaged goods and he struggles with that. Eva doesn’t give him a break with any of it, and I can see how it affects him. He has gone from a man of power and restraint to someone who is emotional and crass. Gideon reveals a lot of vulnerabilities, mostly to Eva, but it’s refreshing altogether.My mind looks for the story, more than the scenes, so I feel disconnected when it gets to the sex scenes. The many words to describe Gideon or the many positions offered by Eva, sometimes it’s a little too much. But that’s the genre and I will say Day knows her writing. I wish that there were more to the actual story. I felt that there was a cyclical pattern, from an argument of sorts and then a steamy scene. I wanted more questions to be answered.I enjoyed Reflected in You. While I felt there were a few downfalls, I agreed with where Day took the characters. There are dynamic shifts in the personalities and relationships that make the story interesting. Day takes a psychological approach to a few things, talking about topics that are always out of the norm. But where there are intense conversations, Day balances it with energetic sensuality. I enjoyed where the characters went and I appreciated where Day took them individually and collectively. I didn't like some scenes, but the positive scenes overshadowed those, definitely. I enjoyed it enough to finish in one sitting, and you know that doesn't always happen.