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The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Libba Bray has always been one of my favorite characters. From her very first novel, I have been a fan of her writing, her characters, and the worlds that she creates. Now, with The Diviners, my fangirling continues. What I didn’t expect was to lose sleep over this book. I didn’t realize how realistic Bray can make serial killing be. I mean, it’s close to dawn and I’m wide awake trying to finish the book, but also because I was scared of the things that to go bump in the night. Well played, Bray. Well played.Set in the 1920s, New York is bustling with life that only the Big Apple can offer. Evie O’Neill has caused enough trouble in her hometown, and has managed to be sent to her uncle in New York City. The Roaring Twenties was about discovery and exploration, bringing forth the glamour of Broadway plays, fabulous music, and yes, even speakeasies. Living with her uncle Will is a small price to pay for reinventing herself. But when the police ask uncle Will for help in a murder scene, the trouble and secrets Evie ran away from will come back. Her secret may help catch the killer, but what else could it bring?Evie is fancy-free and filled with so much energy. From Ohio to New York, Evie is as fun as ever. She’s very different than many other main characters that I see, and I loved getting to know her. Evie is someone who loves to dream big and love big, but also keep secrets so big that it grounds her. There was so much to find out about Evie, and at the end of the book, I still find myself wondering what else there is to her. Her secret, her gift, and her curse. One in the same, depending on how Evie and the reader looks at it. It plays a big part, and let me tell you, so many great scenes involving her and the gift.Diviners has a wonderful array of supporting characters. From uncle Will, who I thought I had figured out but found out I didn’t even know a little bit at all, to Jericho, Memphis, Theta, Mabel, and so many more. Bray fills the pages with deep characters, each one adding another layer of awesome to the story. Each individual character has a role to play, and whether or not I saw it all in The Diviners, I felt they all played an integral part. Or, at least will in the books to come.Bray has always been amazing at world building. I mean, this is the reason why I stayed up all night reading The Diviners! Not only did I want to finish the book, but her imagery was so realistic that I started questioning if I’ll be visited by evil haunted beings. Authors who can do that, put those questions of reality into your head, are amazing, and Bray is one of the top, definitely.I can’t say enough about The Diviners by Libba Bray. From the wonderful story to the descriptive world, nothing compares to her characters. Expect to be shocked and explore the dark corners of the supernatural world. Bray warns you within the first pages, but don’t worry, you’ll be hooked in and still be looking for more.