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Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.When I was asked to read Jennifer Estep’s fourth book in the Mythos Academy, Crimson Frost, I was excited. I have heard great things about the series. So what did I do? I went back from book one and started at the beginning. I wanted to know the whole world that Estep created. She promised mythology and wonder, and let me tell you, boy did she. Life has taken a shape of normalcy for Gwen, as normal as things can be. As Nike’s champion, Gwen is a primary target for the Reapers and Loki’s champion, Vivian. But while she somewhat felt safe within the protection of Mythos Academy, a new threat is revealed, the Protectorate. The judge and jury of their world, the Protectorate has publically accused Gwen of helping Loki escape as well as the fact that she’s a Reaper. And the person who is leading the charges and accusations is Linus Quinn, Logan’s father. Gwen has grown so much since the beginning. She’s more certain of herself, her powers, and of her own ability to stand up on her own. Gwen still has her own insecurities, but with the amount of pressure she has (defeat the Reapers and Loki), I think it’s justified. She tries her best, which is what anyone can ask for, and I love how Estep has kept her flaws. Gwen has a realistic voice of a teenager trying to stay afloat in a world she was thrown in, and that is the best part about her character.Estep’s supporting characters aren’t just in the background. Throughout the Mythos Academy stories, each character has grown in a way that is unique on their own. Their voices are strong, and each has a connection that is different from the others. Whether it’s Daphne’s feminine strength or Logan’s gallant behaviors, Gwen is lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful cast.I was lucky enough to read the books back-to-back. I was able to appreciate how well the story and character progressed within each story. Crimson Frost is a little more established with its own world and setting, so I think Estep took risks. And these risks were well worth taking. There was a darker theme throughout the story, mostly inevitable since the end of the story is looming over our heads. There is more danger and doom, but rightfully so. The story of good versus evil is gaining in momentum, and I love the force that Estep brings it. Each moment was riveting and had me at the edge of my seat.Specifically, in Crimson Frost, Estep has taken us around the familiar surroundings of Mythos Academy. But what differs in this book than the others is the tone of the school itself. It’s a lot darker, a lot stricter, and I’m sure Gwen is feeling it. With the accusations, she is watched more carefully. It’s an interesting double take on the school, and I really enjoyed it.Estep is a talented author, telling us her version of mythology. Her world is filled with fantasy, but set in a realistic setting that often seems like it is a part of the reader’s world. I highly recommend that you read Crimson Frost.