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Spartan Frost - Jennifer Estep 3.5Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.To be honest, I am not usually a fan of novellas. But Jennifer Estep’s Spartan Frost was really enjoyable. After the crushing ending of Crimson Frost, I enjoyed the glimpse into the few days of Logan’s life. Fair warning, if you have not read Crimson Frost (Book 4), or any of the other books, I would stop reading to avoid any spoilers. Normally, I would try to write this spoiler free, but the nature of the story somewhat prevents it. Logan Quinn is a Spartan at Mythos Academy. Beyond that, he is a Spartan that the Reapers have chosen to merge Loki’s soul with. At the end of Crimson Frost, he was taken under control, to do what he never thought he could do – kill Gwen Frost. Spartan Frost retells the last few moments of Crimson Frost, and then proceeds almost immediately after those gut-wrenching events. Logan has removed himself from Gwen, his friends, and the rest of Mythos Academy. He sets out to train and to get a new outlook on his priorities. But if Logan thinks he can run away from the Reapers, he has to think again.Even though I only get a glimpse of Logan’s perspective, I feel like it was a good addition to the series. I was able to understand what Logan and who he is, much more than what I already see. From the rest of the books, I have this idea of him and what I interpret as Estep’s intentions, but reading Spartan Frost has brought this other side of him that I normally wouldn't see.Estep kept the same familiar tone in Spartan Frost as she had in the previous books. This novella was really a nice extension of the stories. I appreciated the continuation of the world that I have grown to love. The content was well balanced and did its job well. Estep gave all the attributes of a regular story (action scene, meaningful ah-hah! moment, and a conclusion) but within the nice comfort of these pages. I enjoyed Spartan Frost, and I think you will also.