Book Chelle

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Genevieve Tucholke 4.5I enjoyed the writing style. Tucholke's sense of story-telling is genius. It's a slow, but beautiful relationship that you build with this book. The characters are solid, built on strong foundations that make you want to know them for real. The theme of the story is one filled with lore and culture. There is so much said behind each word that I wanted to pay attention to each and every one. The world built around a contemporary setting - it's like living in this bubble where you can only focus on one thing. Tucholke demands your attention. Her words are meant to be read. Her characters are needed to be known. This story will leave a lasting impression for a long time. I really enjoyed this, and if you're a fan of little suspense and a well-written story, then this is definitely for you.