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Alchemy - K.J. Wignall Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.K.J. Wignall brings us back to the Merican Trilogy with Alchemy. The story begins shortly after the end of Blood. Eloise has returned to school with the purpose of investigating Will’s past. Only visiting Eloise in the evening, Will has inhabited his family’s property. But danger has risked Eloise’s safety, forcing Will to keep her safe. A sorcerer named Wyndham is a threat, keeping watch over their actions. The plot progresses and the momentum moves forward. Can Will keep Eloise safe? And will they find what they’re looking for?Each moment is catalogued in a journal-style entry with a third-person narrative. Wignall changes Will’s voice, which makes him a little more appealing. It was hard for me to connect to him in Blood, but that changes a bit in Alchemy. Will is a little more believable, a little more human. Will’s emotions, his vulnerabilities and fears were the one thing that allowed me to connect to him. There was a moment of disparity that made me long for his well being. It’s rare that I would like a sequel over a debut, but that is the case for Alchemy. The writing seemed to have developed into something more natural, whereas Blood had a more forced plot. The depth of the characters were more substantial, easy for me to form tangible people rather than just words on a page. Wignall’s world was a little more believable, but there was something about it that I just couldn’t connect to. It’s difficult to be a book in the sea of young adult paranormals. I felt that there were too many things already done before. I felt that the characters’ chemistry was too easy. The romance, which should have been complex and complicated, was actually fast and cliche. An arch nemesis was introduced, a rival to be defeated. I wanted to love this book, and maybe I would have if I just didn’t read another amazing book previous to this. The world and the history of Will seems well-thought out with substance. But I couldn’t connect, and simply, I didn’t love. There were a few mistakes, but they were easy to look over. It’s sad when my heart isn’t in a book. I hope that you’ll give it a try and maybe it will work for you.