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Born to Bite - Hannah Howell, Erica Ridley, Diana Cosby Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.The Born to Bite anthology of stories are historical short stories with a laird theme. It’s always difficult for me to love anthologies. For the most part, I always want more. That was the case for this anthology. I am enjoying historicals again, and I loved that these were set in that period. This anthology is great for a weekend read, especially for those who love historical paranormal.Dark Secret by Hannah Howell - Murdina Dunbar is an orphan and homeless without family, she traveled to locate her next relatives. Bad news changes Murdina’s plans, leaving her to accept a position as a maid in a local keep, Dunnantinny. She becomes assigned to be the maid of an important guest, Sir Baldwin, a dark and mysterious nobleman. Sir Baldwin holds a secret, as does Murdina, and chooses to keep his. She has no other reason, but trusts him in a way she can’t describe. Danger lurks around the corner, forcing Sir Baldwin and Murdina to run. What results is a relationship that is as warm as home. Dark Secret was a nice read. I really enjoyed Murdina and Baldwin. For a short story, I felt I was satisfied with reading a full story. I didn’t feel like it lacked anything that I would have normally gotten from a full novel. It was interesting to see the different connections Murdina and Baldwin had. I enjoyed their relationship and conversations. It was easy, morphing into this natural progression. Great read.Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby - In a ceremonial circle, Rowan Campbell discovers a dying warrior, Aedan MacGregor. Unable to resist him, she heals him with her blood, not realizing the bond they have formed. But with this act, Aedan realizes that he has found his mate.. It is unheard of, breaking all of the rules. A fey and a vampire are drawn together. Rowan’s blood is dangerous, their union forbidden. Enemies would do everything to destroy this union. I didn’t connect to this as much as I wanted to. It seemed rushed to me. There was so much history and lore woven into the story that it was hard to fathom the instant bond, the forbidden relationship, and the conclusion. My experience reading this could have been ruined after reading Dark Secret. The characters didn’t feel as solid and I didn’t connect. It was a good story, and I loved the potential, but for me, it didn’t fully carry out.Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley - Elspeth Ramsay is a paranormal investigator. She blends in the background, often missed, observing. In the height of the Regency Era, Eslpeth is tasked to investigate a rake suspected to be a vampire. Martainn Macane is a handsome rake, elusive to the women of the ton. He nips the women, earning the nickname Lord Lovenip. He is in search for a vampire of his own, crossing paths with Elspeth. Secrets are revealed, changing Elspeth’s life and heart forever.This was a cute story. I enjoyed Elspeth. She was a wallflower, but with a bright personality. I connected so much to her and her feelings. Maccane was fun to get to know, surprising me every step of the way. Her background and setting complimented her strong characters and story, making it an enjoyable read. Ridley did a great job with this story and is worth the read.