Book Chelle

Skinnydipping - Bethenny Frankel I'm a fan of Bethenny Frankel as a person and as the brand that she chooses to market. I've read her non-fiction books, and I felt that there was the same amount of spunk in this fiction book. The story seems to mimic a few things from her childhood, at least from things that she's talked about in various media outlets. I enjoyed reading Skinnydipping. I thought it was witty and snarky, things that I look forward to in more adult fiction titles. I'm not sure if she had a ghostwriter or if she wrote this herself, but I personally thought that there were bits and pieces of her personality that was represented. As a main character, I thought that Faith was someone that was easy to relate to. She had her personality quirks, her positives and her negatives. I did feel a little annoyed with her in a small part of the book, but that's what stuck with me.