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A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) - Barbara Freethy A Secret Wish is a sweet contemporary romance by Barbara Freethy. On the night of their birthday, three women each make a secret wish; a wish that will change their lives forever. Each woman different, going through different stages of their lives, each experiencing something big enough to wish for a change. In an alternating POV story, the one secret wish will change their lives and move towards happiness.Liz is celebrating her 30th birthday. As she blows her cupcake on top of the hospital's roof, she wishes for something to change how alone she is. As a nurse, she is constantly busy for everyone else and never for her own. Always attempting to forget her past, she wants to live in the moment. When she meets a handsome stranger, she gets what she wished for and more.Angela is celebrating her 35th birthday. Infertility has haunted her for the past eight years. No matter the treatments, not having a baby in their lives has strained her marriage with her husband. On a night doing an errand, she is mugged. Angela then slowly realizes that she can become a mother in more ways than one.Carole is celebrating her 40th birthday. She is a trophy wife to a politician and a mother. For Carole, 40 brings fear that her husband will look for a younger woman. She realizes that her soiree is more of a political campaign than a celebration of her life. Because Carole devoted her time to her husband and his career, her own children felt neglected and decided not to stay. An unfortunate turn of events have forced Carole to escape her life to the one place she never thought she would return. She learns that riches and a fancy lifestyle isn't always what makes you happy.Each woman on a different journey have their own troubles. Each woman represented a different stage in a woman's life, longing for something important and meaningful. I connected with each woman, surprisingly. I thought I would only connect to a couple, but the way Freethy wrote their voices, you couldn't help but do so. Freethy knows how connect to her writers, choosing details that will grab and hold on to their hearts. While I felt that some of the stories were predictable, they were still heartfelt and honest. My emotions still reacted and I still shed tears. A Secret Wish had a lot of hope and faith, making this a perfect weekend read.