Book Chelle

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter Ally Carter is an amazing writer with a very imaginative mind. She creates worlds that are so realistic and tangible that it feels like any reader can live that life. Perfect Scoundrels is a perfect third book. I loved every minute reading this. Carter definitely knows how to take you on an adventure around the world and back. And all through the eyes of an amazing main character. Katarina Bishop is one of my favorite contemporary voices. She knows who she is and what she wants. She has her strengths and weaknesses, but she is loyal through and through. Kat is all business when it comes to her family business, but her quirks make her stand out from everyone in her family. I loved how vulnerable she was in this book. Carter painted her in raw, realistic way. Kat became the flaws of my emotions and the strengths of my love. I related to Kat, completely.Carter took the world map and made it her own. She was able to bring me to popular locations and add an element of surprise. The places she chose, whether it was Kat's uncle's kitchen, or the museum of doom, I was able to use my imagination and place myself in the scene.I am a huge fan of Carter. Her words form these fantastic stories that leave such lasting impressions in my mental library. I enjoy her characters and her plots, but most of all, I love the reader that she allows me to be.