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Demon Eyes - Scott Tracey Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Demon Eyes is the stunning sequel by Scott Tracey. Where Witch Eyes introduced us to a fascinating world, Demon Eyes allows us to appreciate it. Filled with unmistakable characters, Demon Eyes immediately brings you back to the mystery and secrets of Belle Dam. I really enjoyed this sequel and I found it to be very engaging. Demon eyes was filled with an intense mystery and a diabolical demon enemy.Braden is living with the tormenting consequences of destroying Lucien. As the son of one of Belle Dam’s powerful witch families, Braden’s life is spiraling out of control. His friends have abandoned him, choosing loyalty of family over love and friendship. His family has kept Braden at arm’s length, isolating him even more than before. And now his visions are betraying him, haunting him in and out of dreams.The feud between the two witch families are heating up, and its destroying much more than his friendships. Braden uncovers a plan so diabolical, it can only be the work of Lucien. But how can Braden prove this, and how can he stop it before Lucien destroys more than he already has?Braden was once so much more confident than he is now. His visions seem to be playing tricks on him, giving another life to Lucien. Braden loses so much after the end of Witch Eyes. His love, his friends, and in a sense, his family. I couldn’t help but feel for him, and at the same time I wanted him to snap out of it. It isn’t until later in the book where he gains his strength back, that I appreciate the character development of Tracey. Little clues should have filled me in with what was happening with Braden, but I was so caught up in the world that I missed it.I had a love and hate relationship with the supporting cast. What made me love them in Witch Eyes made me hate them (at times) in Demon Eyes. The love story was frustrating. And it was mostly frustrating because Tracey made it realistic and believable. I couldn’t fault the characters with their decisions, and there lies my dilemma. I still had questions, about many things, and I think it was clever of Tracey to only reveal things a bit at a time. It made me want more, and there is never anything wrong with that.Demon Eyes has this plot that becomes more intense than Witch Eyes. Considerably. I had to slow down my reading pace, because there were so many things to consider. My mind would constantly try to solve puzzles, trained by the way Tracey wrote Witch Eyes. Each secret revealed only uncovered another secret, and I loved that about Demon Eyes. Demon Eyes brings this element of surprise around every corner. Tracey’s world is unlike any other. His details in the background, the scenes, the characters all play this integral part of the mystery. Paranormal elements mixed perfectly with a substantial plot. A steady story progression matched with strong characters. I highly enjoyed Demon Eyes, and I definitely think you will also.