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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite authors. I always admired how she would create worlds filled with so much imagery, that I spent days after finishing the book in a trance. A Kagawa world driven stupor. For her latest story, The Eternity Cure, it was no different. The second book in the Blood of Eden series, following The Immortal Rules, is a riveting tale of loyal bonds and deep, lasting relationships. Definitely one of my favorite reads for 2013 already. Hiding behind a spoiler tag just in case. Allison Sekemoto has made a promise to find and rescue Kanin, the vampire who saved her life and turned her. Kanin has been taken by Sarren, another vampire so sadistic and evil that crazy is a tame description. Her blood bond to Kanin is like breadcrumbs, leading a trail. But when Allison ends up back in New Covington, surprises await her around the corner. Secrets are uncovered and truths are revealed, making Allie mature beyond her human and vampire years. Allie must find strength when all she has left is katana.Allie is an amazingly written character. Ever since The Immortal Rules, I have admired who she was as a heroine. She is strong and filled with gusto, never backing down from what she believes in. She is fearless in this world of fear-inducing monsters, and deep within the tunnels, she must find a way to save Kanin. It says a lot about Allie that she will stop at nothing to find him. Allie is tenacious and witty, keeping up with whatever is thrown her way. And let me tell you, it’s a lot.The world of The Eternity Cure is amazing. Where it was more alive and vibrant in The Immortal Rules, The Eternity Cure is filled with death, despair, and decay. Kagawa describes the setting perfectly, fueling my senses to transport myself in her world. I lost myself in this world filled of vampire aristocracy blended with mindless shells of voraciousness. The cities themselves add to the story, allowing the location to already set the scene of what’s to come. Kagawa’s writing in The Eternity Cure is fluid, allowing for the pace of the story to naturally manifest itself. I never felt like a scene was rushed or slowed down, nor did I feel like there was too much information for myself to comprehend. The plot was refreshing, the scenes were crisp and clean, and the characters weaved with many layers of personality and depth. I enjoyed their voices, especially Allie’s. I thought that it reflected the growth of her character, but stayed true to her human and vampire age. She is young after all, so I was glad to see the sarcasm and quick wit was still there.I really enjoyed The Eternity Cure. I read through it really quickly. I obsessed over each character and flailed with what happened in the last half of the book. I won’t tell you more details, because I can’t spoil it for you. But please trust me when I say that you must read this book. There’s a new level of despair, and Kagawa has managed to make it sound romantic.