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Glass Heart - Amy Garvey 3.5Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Glass Heart by Amy Garvey is the follow up book to Cold Kiss. Garvey made a fan out of me when I read Cold Kiss and couldn’t wait to read Glass Heart. There was something about the way Garvey wrote Cold Kiss. How it symbolized love as unforgiving and relentless. Garvey writes in a way where her message stands out, becomes powerful and emotionally crushing. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to dive in.In Glass Heart, Wren is a little more sure of her power. Her relationship with Gabriel is growing, but they still haven’t fully addressed the issue of Danny. Picking up right where Cold Kiss left off, Wren is intoxicated with the adrenaline rush of her powers. Where she was reluctant before, she feels more confident and sure. But she only hesitates using it because of her conscience, and because of Gabriel. Wren’s newfound addiction to magic becomes dangerous, and she slowly begins to slip. Wren loses control of her life at home, of her relationship with Gabriel, and everything else around her. Wren is a lot stronger, a little more grown up, and a lot more confident. She’s more outspoken, never backing down from what she feels. Magic plays a large role in her life, and it seems to consume her. For a while, I thought she didn’t learn from the incident with Danny. Wren’s emotions consume her, allowing her to act before thinking. It brings her to a lot of danger, many things that I couldn’t believe she did. It wasn’t as easy to love Wren. I thought she was making the same mistakes. I wish that she would just learn from someone properly, instead of living through her life blindly.I loved Gabriel in Cold Kiss, but had a hard time feeling the same in Glass Heart. Where I thought he was someone who stood by Wren, he was distant now. I realize that he has his own issues, but it seemed that his character persona change a little. He wasn’t the saving grace anymore, but that was probably the point. Wren probably had to find her own way, learning the hard way and etc.Magic in a contemporary setting is never easy. Garvey wrote this world very realistically but with a few paranormal elements here and there. The introduction of new characters, writing to get to know existing ones, Garvey did it in a way that wasn’t mundane or uninteresting. Garvey wrote in twists and a plot that flowed well with the main characters issues. Garvey also hints on acceptance of self and the discovery to it. Wren falls in the wrong crowd, lured by what she believes is “right now.” It was interesting to see how Garvey wrote that problem and brought about the solution.Glass Heart is a different type of story, not necessarily following in the same pattern as Cold Kiss. It’s okay, because it drew me in more. I was hooked; intrigued to how Garvey would develop Wren and where she would take her. Glass Heart was darker and edgier, definitely appealing to my age. Great read. Looking forward to more of Garvey’s work.