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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Beautiful Bastard is the debut romance for Christina Lauren, writing duo extraordinaire Christina and Lauren. I have been a fan since before they were published. Their writing style is romantic and poetic, knowing when to bring you to the right moment, whether it be filled with lustful scenes or emotional moments. Chloe Mills is an intern at Ryan Media Group. Her boss, Bennett Ryan, is a bastard. He treats her like she belongs with the scum of the earth. The unspoken tension graduates from animosity to sexual accord. Bennett is larger than life, rude, and arrogant. Chloe is not a pushover in anyway, and fights back as dirty as he can. They have a lot of similar personalities, which heighten their tension even more. There’s an animalistic attraction, involving a lot of secret rendezvous in many secret places. Chloe is a fun character. She is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to get what she wants. She has a very formidable attitude and a personality to match. Chloe will give as much as she will take, and I respect her for that. She is spunky and filled with a quick wit. She doesn’t become a ball of emotions because of a guy. Instead, she forces her feminine wiles to do all of the talking. And boy does she roar.Bennett is hunky. The way Christina Lauren wrote him is breathtaking. He’s handsome and smart, and I can’t help but think of him as a boy genius playboy. He’s an arrogant bastard though, but it works. He’s definitely an alpha male. While I can get turned off by too much, Christina Lauren knows how to walk that fine line well. But while he is aggressive, he can also be endearing. Bennett was written well, with a well-rounded persona that I enjoyed to read about.I enjoyed reading about the Beautiful Bastard. I still had the same feeling of excitement when he graced the pages. Despite knowing the story line, the rewrite made me feel like it was new and fresh. The characters were changed ever-so-slightly. The changes were enough so that they had their own personas, despite who they were originally based on. When I read Beautiful Bastard, I didn’t think about its former life, but instead I stayed in the present and soaked up the story like it was my lifeline. The snark, the smirks, and the angst. These are a few of the things that I love about Beautiful Bastard. Christina Lauren doesn’t try to mask the story into something that it’s not. It is raw, emotional, and appeals to a certain reader. I am one of those readers and choose to enjoy the bastard ways that lingerie is treated. It’s written beautifully, bringing the reader to that moment, allowing them to feel the lustful emotions that only Bennett Ryan can bring. To me, regardless of the hints of a different story. Christina Lauren made this their own, bringing Beautiful Bastard into its own. The story has it’s own personality. The writing was great, fluid, allowing me to pass the time quickly. Before I knew it, it was 3 in the morning and I had finished the book. I wanted more, but I’m glad for the ending. It made me content, leaving a giddy smile on my face. I cannot wait to read Beautiful Stranger, and catch glimpses of the two that I love the most.