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Covet - Melissa Darnell Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Melissa Darnell’s second book in The Clann series is Covet. A highly anticipated sequel, Covet is a series that has won the hearts of many readers. The Clann series is a different spin on paranormal vampires and witches, which add to the appeal of the story. I was lucky enough to receive a copy, and after eyeing the pretty cover, I couldn’t wait to start reading it.Starting off immediately after the end of Crave, Covet begins on the journey back from meeting with the council of vampires. Savannah and Tristan had tried to appeal things in their favor, but in a last minute decision, Savannah had agreed to stay away from Tristan. Coming home isn’t as sweet as other homecomings, and the first between vampires and the witches ignite once again, threatening the treaty that has been in place for years. Breaking up is the best thing for everyone, except for Savannah and Tristan, but they will have to endure. Changes are happening all around Savannah, and that includes changes of mischief and trouble, most that she isn’t prepared for.Savannah struggles in Covet. Not only has she been going through emotional turmoil from the break up. But aside from the emotions, she’s also going through physical changes as well. Her vampire side is surfacing, and even with the help of her head, Savannah is having a little difficulty adjusting to the changes. For her witch side, she’s seeking out the past, learning from things and people before her. Savannah’s transformation was fun to read about. Formerly sheltered, Savannah had the chance to show backbone, protecting others when needed. It was a different dynamic, and one that I enjoyed.Darnell expands the cast past Savannah and Tristan, allowing to see a little more into the Clann and the council of vampires. It was interesting to see the culture within the two groups, and how the hierarchy of command went. I must say that I felt the love story was a little too predictable, knowing that even if Savannah and Tristan went their separate ways, there would have been something that would eventually bring them back together. But I will admit that I felt the emotions.Darnell knows how to write. The plot lines were seamless and they were engaging. The pacing was fast, but not enough where I couldn’t focus on what was going on. Despite my feelings for things that were going on in the book, I enjoyed Covet and the story. I didn’t care for the teenage angst, but they’re teenagers in high school, it was bound to happen. Covet is a fresh take on the paranormal genre. Darnell made it interesting, giving strong voices to defined characters.