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The Future We Left Behind  - Mike A. Lancaster Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Technology plays an integral part of our lives. In The Future We Left Behind, the follow up book to Mike A. Lancaster’s Human.4, Lancaster takes us on a futuristic look at the differences between humanity and technology. I was really excited when I received this book. I love it when the topic brings a certain perspective into play. It was fascinating to see Human.4’s story unfold, and I couldn’t wait to dive into The Future We Left Behind.The Future We Left Behind takes place thousands of years after the events of Human.4. According to the Straker Tapes, humans have been upgraded many times. From 0.4 to 1.0, humans are different, but only a select few still believe that 0.4 actually happened and not in fact a work of fiction. Young Peter Vincent quickly realizes that life doesn’t reveal everything as it should. From living a mundane life, Peter yearns for something more, something beyond all of the science.A group of believers, who have dubbed themselves the Strakerites, are the only ones who believe the Straker Tapes happened. Lancaster introduces us to new characters, who each bring a different level of fiction to the story. Uncovering truths, especially the mysteries of human upgrades, and revealing who is and isn’t involved brings a strong message throughout the book.Peter lived a normal life, according to the standards set in his era. His father taught him a lot, school taught him about the importance of science, but deep down Peter believes there is something more. After the Strakerites contact Peter, he developed a new way of thinking. He becomes a different person analyzing what the world has deemed important and question what should really be important. Peter is a good protagonist, level headed and open-minded. He was someone that I instantly connected with, and his need for information and knowledge was an added bonus. Lancaster wrote him well, giving him different layers, each one for a different kind of reader.Lancaster’s world has evolved, but there is still familiar pieces that act as the skeleton of this new futuristic world. Everything revolves around the tapes and the upgrades, but there’s something about the world that stands out. It’s intriguing in a dystopian way, having this “one-mind” mentality, taking in information without questioning it. In our day and age, Lancaster makes The Future We Left Behind very relevant, showcasing the flaws of technology as well as the imperfections.Upgrades and those who do not upgrade would be another element of the world. Those who exist and those who choose not to, all coexisting in Lancaster’s story. The Future We Left Behind has a different tone throughout the book. Where Human.4 set the pacing, The Future We Left Behind completely surpassed it. It can act like a separate book altogether, having it’s own identity, but I’m glad it was a follow-up.I enjoyed this, much more than I expected to. There are compelling issues that Lancaster forces a reader to think about, and there are points of view that a reader is simply surprised to see. It is a fantastic read, and I highly urge you to read this soon.