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Venom - Fiona Paul Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I was on a renaissance kick recently, so I was happily surprised when I received a copy of Fiona Paul’s Venom. The first thing that I saw was the pretty cover. The mask, alluring eyes, and pretty typeface (font) made me want to read Venom immediately. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, so I was sure to enjoy Paul’s spin on this thrilling tale.In Venom, we meet Cassandra. Her childhood friend has just passed away. In Cass’ future, her life is destined in a path that she doesn’t particularly agree with. Engaged to a man, she fills her time amidst the safety of her home. In Paul’s version of Renaissance Venice, exploration and discovery was just blossoming. As proof of that, bodies were being stolen from their graves. Some say for the sake of science, others as something darker. One night, as Cass grieves at her friend’s crypt, she realizes that her body is gone, only to be replaced by another body. Within the darkness of the graveyard, she encounters a pair of blue eyes and a crooked smile. The mystery begins and so begins Cass’ tale.Cassandra Caravello has stumbled upon a mystery, and a complicated and dangerous one at that. To honor her friend, she begins her quest to uncover the secret of the missing body. What she doesn’t expect is to reveal more than just a one-chance mishap. Cass is adventurous and brave, but at times I wondered if she was naive at the world around her. Some of the chances she took were a little too dangerous, but that’s the difference from myself and Cass.Cass encounters many different characters, some that stand out more than others. Flaco is the dark and mysterious young man that captures Cass’ eye, prying her affection away from her future husband, Luca. Flaco, to me, was able to lighten up the mood of Venom just by his dialogue. I often found myself chuckling at the things he said. And with the tone of the rest of the book, I think it was needed.Paul’s Venom is filled with a lot of dark secrets. Between the historical elements and the paranormal details, Venom was filled with enigmatic aspects that had me wanting more. The historical details that Paul put into Venom created this realistic world for me. Plus, Venom is set in Renaissance Venice. The romance and beauty of that setting alone adds to the allure of the story.The different plots and twists within Venom created for a solid story. I must admit it took me a little while to fall in love with Cass. I wasn’t happy that Flaco’s influence over Cass was so large. It seemed like all common sense went out the window when it came to the two of them, but isn’t that the part of adventure that every young teen yearns for?Venom is a great read, especially one for these upcoming winter nights. Mystery, intrigue, and romance will accompany you perfectly.