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Stuck with You - Trish Jensen Posted on Book Chelle.3.5 starsLooking for a quick and cute romance to read for the weekend? Look no further. Trish Jensen’s Stuck With You is a fun a quirky romance between two lawyers. I have read a lot of heavy fiction lately, and I needed something filled with love and butterflies. I found it with Stuck With You.Paige Hart is a tax attorney who finds herself in a divorce settlement hearing for her cousin. Like the rest of her family, her cousin doesn’t exactly understand that she isn’t a divorce lawyer. But for Paige, she’s family, and will do anything to get what her cousin deserves.Ross Bennett is a divorce lawyer, whom Paige cannot stand. She feels that he is the most ignorant and most sleazy lawyer out there. Of course, that is far from the truth, but it will take a while for Paige to see that. She can’t deny that he is attractive, and in my opinion, that just adds fuel to the fire.After a bomb explosion and a CDC virus has forced Paige and Ross into quarantine. Can you believe an air-borne virus has infected them? And to add to Paige’s nightmare, she has to stay in the same quarantine room as Ross. Will she find another layer to his personality, or will she end up killing him?Jensen delivered exactly what I was looking for. Stuck With You is a fun contemporary romance, perfect for my weekend. She delivered quirky banter, heated moments, and down right attraction. While Jensen touches on a few emotional subjects, the Stuck With You had a light-hearted theme throughout the story.I loved Ross and Paige. Perfect example of why opposites attract as well as how many layers to a person. It wasn’t until midway that I found them both endearing. The relationship was believable, and if that actually happened, I could picture it happening the same way. They each had their own flaws, and at times Paige was a little over the top. There was a moment or two that I started to dislike her, but I think that was the purpose of her development. Jensen writes about perceptions, and graciously weaves in a life lesson here and there.I wasn’t a huge fan of Rachel and Nick, but it’s only because I couldn’t relate to them. I liked their story and who they were individually and together, but I felt that it took a lot of focus away from Ross and Paige. They were who I wanted to know about after all.Jensen’s Stuck With You is the perfect book to read when you just want to get away. This contemporary romance is filled with funny one-liners and steamy moments of passion.