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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Kresley Cole, better known for romantic gestures and immortals in the dark, explores the Young Adult genre with Poison Princess, the first book in the Arcana Chronicles. The Poison Princess is a post-apocalyptic story, told through the eyes of our heroine, Evie. Poison Princess is chronicled by both Before Flash and After Flash, separating two different worlds, each with distinct tones and settings.The beginning of Poison Princess begins with the eerie and enigmatic prologue, voiced through a male voice that the reader doesn’t know. Luring a young girl into his house, we meet Evie. Evie tells her tale, and starts Before Flash. Evie’s former life was one of popularity and privilege. Regardless of belonging to a prestigious family, she didn’t belong to one group, and was friendly with others. She soon meets Jack Deveaux, a bad boy from the other side of the tracks. Evie is mesmerized. But Evie has secrets and believes she suffers from mental instability. She soon hallucinates, warning her of something big, but unsure of what. And After Flash, when the end of the world seems to have arrived, Jack is the only one who can help her.Evie wasn’t someone that I instantly connected with. I struggled to understand her, her hallucinations, and even her surroundings. I felt like I was reading a lot of detail to get to know her. A connection wasn’t instantaneous, nor was it easy, and that hindered the rest of my reading experience. Evie’s constant insecurities were sound and justified, but she didn’t have a real sense of pride. Maybe this is what Cole was aiming for, but when I can’t trust the heroine, I have a problem. Evie is slightly different After Flash, and is basically the only reason why I continued the story. She changes and grows strength, something that I thought she should already have had.Jack was smooth and easy, described as someone from Cole’s adult fiction pages. It was Jack’s personality and characteristics that allowed me to continue reading, but After Flash, I felt he changed. There are two different personas, not just for Jack alone, but for Evie as well. I felt like Jack drove me crazy, confusing me with where he was going, as a character. His personality is frustrating, coated with charm that just adds another layer of frustration.Cole’s world was interesting and different. The imagery was great and I loved it enough to finish. While I didn’t understand some of the characters, I longed to know about the others. The premise of the story is unique, one that I haven’t read about before. I just wish there were more that I could connect with and more that I could gush over.