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Burn for Burn - Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian surprised me. What I originally thought was a contemporary novel turned out to be something supernatural instead. It was amazing with the right amounts of awesome. The premise was interesting filled with surprising twists. I’ve read Vivian’s work before, and I loved the style of writing. After I received this, I couldn’t wait to start reading. And when I finished? Couldn’t wait for the next.Burn for Burn is told by three point of views, or three characters each different from the next. Burn for Burn follows the lives of Mary, Lillia, and Kat. Each girl with a past, and each one ready to change their future. Mary, Lillia, and Kat have found themselves with an unlikely friendship, each finding a commonality of revenge to fuel their relationship. While each reason for revenge is different, Burn for Burn slowly reveals the history of events that lead up to their own pivotal moments. Revenge is sweet, but definitely has a price.Mary Zane is returning to Jar Island, returning to what she feels is home. She left because of a boy who made her life hell, and she has come back to prove to him that she has changed. I felt that she was the the most depressing to get to know. Her life was damaged all because of a boy, and has come back with so many secrets. I sympathized a lot, yearning to a quick moment of relief for her.Lillia Cho is the pretty and popular girl, used to getting what she wants, and when she wants. She comes from a privileged life but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more. Lillia is beautiful, and has definitely paid the price for her beauty. A boy went too far, and is now vying for her sister. Lillia will stop at nothing to protect her and make sure nothing will happen.Kat DeBrassio is a local and has been deemed a townie. She has always vowed to leave Jar Island, especially after rumors have ruined her reputation forever. Kat is tired of the ridicule from everyone, and she blames her former best friend the most. I liked Kat a lot and I felt terrible for her. Losing her mother was one of the worst things to read about. Tears for days, guys. Tears!Han and Vivian are a remarkable writing team. They wrote revenge in a way that was appealing. Despite the characters only being in high school, I enjoyed how they thought and carried out their plans. There are several surprising twists, some that I enjoyed and some that I didn’t so much care for. Now, I must say, that even if I didn’t like a few aspects of Burn for Burn, I blame it mostly on my age and reading preferences.The paranormal aspect that is subtly weaved in was fun. The characters each had their own different personalities and I liked getting to know them. I had trouble with some of the dialogue. I felt that some of the language was a little vulgar for the age group of the book, but I do understand the setting was in high school. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I think you’d enjoy it also.