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Desire After Dark - Jo Carlisle Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I actually received Desire After Dark prior to purchasing Temptation at Twilight. I had already read the first page before I realized it was a second in the series. And, wow, did the first page grab you. Fans of erotic romance will gravitate towards this book just from that page alone. Jo Carlisle does not hold back, and it is very evident just from what she wrote on the first page. There were a lot of shocking things said in this book, some that were pleasant to read, and some, at least for me, were borderline disturbing. But don’t let that reflect on your opinions of Desire After Dark. Most of the latter were from my reading insecurities and comforts. Carlisle promises sex, and does she deliver.Desire After Dark continues with the Fontaine brothers and their life in La Petite Mort. This time, Carlisle follows the life of Luc, picking up the story somewhat near the end of the storyline of Temptation at Twilight. Luc was hunted, per Leila Doucet’s orders, blindsided by a werewolf, and sending him to his death. Kassandra is a Valkyrie, a fierce temptress serving Odin, following the Fates and guiding souls to the afterlife. Kassandra is tasked to guide Luc’s soul, but upon her arrival where Luc is dying, she realizes he is her mate. Kassandra disobeys orders and saves him, and brings Luc to her palace in Valhalla. She must face her consequences and own up to her actions. Kassandra must now face the reality that she may lose Luc after all.Luc Fontaine is a sexual being, not afraid of anything and always up for some fun. From Temptation at Twilight, I know a little bit about his personality. But in Desire After Dark, we get to know him a little more. He is an alpha and knows what he wants. He is instantly attracted to Kassandra, despite being submissive to her very dominant nature. Luc’s submissive behaviors carry on towards other partners, while under Kassandra’s watch. Luc shocked me, a lot. He originally shown alpha traits, but gave in so easily to his submissive tendencies.Kassandra the Valkyrie is a fierce female. She is very strong and full of pride. She is one of the best Valkyries, out of her sisters, and one of Odin’s favorites. Along with that strength, she has a lot of issues. After two hundred years, finding Kassandra’s mate has thrown her whole world off balance. Once favoring to watch two men play, she has become jealous when it comes to Luc. She is protective, in and out of the bedroom.Carlisle’s world changed in Desire After Dark. Most of the story doesn’t take place in La Petite Mort, nor do the characters from Temptation at Twilight show up. We are introduced to many other characters, some who have history with existing characters. It’s interesting to see how Carlisle unveils each piece of the puzzle. I felt that Desire After Dark could have been a stand-alone book.I must say, there were a few scenes that made me uncomfortable, resulting in skipping scenes and pages. While Desire After Dark had more of a storyline than Temptation at Twilight, I still longed for more story. There were many questions left unanswered, and I’m dying to know what happens.