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The White Glove War (Magnolia League, #2) - Katie Crouch,  Grady Hendrix Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Katie Crouch teamed up with Grady Hendrix for the second book in the Magnolia League series, The White Glove War. I was excited to see what was up next for the proper ladies of Savannah. From the end of The Magnolia League, a lot has happened to our Alexandria “Alex” Lee. She has become a Magnolia, the epitome of prestige high society, along with the expectations and proper etiquette that you could imagine. Alex has struggled to accept the changes and many secrets that have been revealed to her. But in the end, she has learned to accept them, all for the sake of her mom and the one person she truly loved.The White Glove War picks up about a couple of months after the end of The Magnolia League. Alex has fully immersed herself as her grandmother’s protégé and future leader of The Magnolias. She has since then stayed by her grandmother’s side, reflecting the perfect image of a Magnolia, fulfilling every expectation that her grandmother has.Alex has definitely changed in The White Glove War. Regardless of her intentions, she has become a woman who has come into her own. Even with or without her grandmother’s guidance, Alex has become determined to achieve her goals. Personally, I think Alex has gone beyond the point of reasoning, forgetting about who she was, all to bring back her mom. Her strength grows, and I think it is a testament of the character that she has become and the authors’ abilities to develop her as one. But I will say, her strength also becomes her downfall, changing her priorities and hurting so many.Hayes was a breath of fresh air, really. While I questioned her part in The White Glove War, I quickly fell in love with her and her world. It was nice to see another life affected by the Magnolias, another person who is ruled by the expectations and rules set by other women. I understand loyalty between families and friends, and I also understand not wanting to disappoint family, but I sympathized for Hayes, being an obedient daughter and granddaughter.The White Glove War has a slightly different world than The Magnolia League. There was a lot going on, especially with two points of view, but there was also a lot in general. From the main plot to the sub-plots, I felt a little distracted, not completely sure where to train my focus. From the happenings in Savannah to the Buzzards’ home, and to the unknowns that you will read later, I felt the story was just trying to fill in gaps. But you’ll see when you read it.In The Magnolia League, Crouch has teamed with Hendrix to write an alternating point-of-view story, between Alex and Hayes. There are many fascinating contrasts and similarities between the two ladies, from their inner thoughts and their surroundings. As the reader, we see the inside secrets that haunt them both. I’m assuming since there are two authors, it was the cause for the darkness of the story. Both Crouch and Hendrix brought the dark and deep secrets of Hoodoo out, and while the series has a fondness for magic that shouldn’t be trifled with, The Magnolia League surely adds to the vivid imagery to haunt your dreams.I didn’t enjoy this as much as I was expecting to. I absolutely loved The Magnolia League, but I didn’t as much for The White Glove War. I felt that there were tiny gaps within the story, the characters, and just everywhere else. I felt like the writing wasn’t as amazing as with the first book, and maybe that’s due to the change of author and writing styles, or even the alternating POVs. Oh, I have to add, this wasn’t written in first-person either. Some chapters switched to third-person. But, I will say this, I am still curious enough to read the follow up.