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Barefoot Season - Susan Mallery Posted on Big Girl Books.I’m a huge fan of Susan Mallery. She was one of the authors to put contemporary fiction on the map, for me. Mallery has a great way of creating characters that are easy to relate to, while turning ordinary day-to-day stories into something memorable and extraordinary. If we are to be friends, you will have to become familiar with Mallery and her stories. I suggest you start with the Marcelli Family series, and make your way through The Buchannans, then over to the Bakery sisters. What are you waiting for? You should be reading!Blackberry Season is a great introduction to Mallery’s latest series. A recent trend for Mallery is introducing you to a town and slowly allowing you to fall in love with it. Like in her recent series, Fool’s Gold, I instantly fell in love with the quaint town and it’s adorable characters. It goes the same for Blackberry Island.Here we meet Michelle, an army vet who has spent the last 10 years in service. But while others view her as a hero who fought protecting her country, she views herself as someone who ran away from the drama at home. She returns to her home, the Blackberry Inn, a legacy given to her by her estranged father. There she finds Carly, one of the reasons she left home. Together, they will have to put their differences aside, including any anger and anguish that they feel, to save themselves and the inn.For me, I like to feel emotion when reading a story. I’m sure you know what I mean. I want to either feel the type of sadness that causes tears or love so great that my heart hurts from the joy. Why? Because this is what makes an author great. Mallery’s choice of words always bring out the emotions out of me. In the case of Blackberry Island, I was crying by the end of chapter one. From Michelle’s battle with PTSD to Carly’s insecurities of abandonment, I felt like I didn’t know when the tears would stop. But that’s a testament to Mallery’s writing. She evokes something from you, enough so that you will feel these characters are real.I wish that there was a little more from this book. There was something that I was missing, even though I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe there wasn’t enough sexy times through out the pages. And we all know how much I love those sexy times. But it’s okay. With all of the tears I was crying, I don’t think my heart could have taken any more emotion. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the residents of Blackberry Island. I know I can’t wait to visit again.