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Spellcaster - Cara Lynn Shultz Posted on Book Chelle.Wow, what an adventure. The sequel to Cara Lynn Schultz’ debut novel Spellbound, is Spellcaster, one of the books that I have anticipated for in such a long time. As soon as I received the ARC for Spellcaster, I could not sleep until I finished it. It was great. I loved every moment of it, as well as the emotions that I felt. The story and the characters felt familiar, nothing was out-of-place and there weren’t many drastic changes to the characters. I experienced a new adventure with my favorite people.Dangers lurk in the corners for Emma and Brendan. Despite breaking the curse in Spellbound, there is something, or someone, attacking the lovebirds. Instead of being torn apart by a predestined curse, Emma and Brendan grew stronger as individuals and as a couple. Each one has a new value in strength and independence, something that I enjoyed reading.Emma has grown so much from Spellbound to Spellcaster. She has gained significant strengths, much attuned with her powers, but also with who she is as a young woman. Emma was different. Where Emma seemed to be secluded in Spellbound, she was much more social and engaging in Spellcaster. And I really enjoyed all the magic use! I’ve been waiting for it, and I finally got it! It was wickedly splendid.Schultz’ world was a lot more fun with Spellcaster. It’s a little hard to explain, with having the same geographical location, but I felt that there was more use of the characters’ environments. There was more action and involvement, and I had so much fun anticipating the next moment. Schultz did a great job bringing the dark side of humanity to the forefront. She made normal and sinister into this harmonious play. It’s hard to describe, but it was amazing.Schultz brought new story elements to Spellcaster, changing what I thought was the story dynamic. She changed the theme and pacing to match what was going on with the characters and with the plot. It was great, really, bringing this spotlight to the details and story arcs. There were elements of old mythology and folklore, but with a modern-day twist. Schultz also knew how to change and manipulate the characters’ emotions dependent on the situation. It was so interesting to see the depth that love will take someone.Spellcaster is a story packed with intense action and suspense, balanced with secrets of love yearned and love forlorn. A must-add to your collection at home. I highly suggest that you pick this up as soon as possible!