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A Temptation of Angels - Michelle Zink Posted on Book Chelle.4.5 starsI have heard nothing but great things about Michelle Zink’s writing. It is always nice to get a recommendation for an author, instead of just a book. It speaks so much louder than anything, in my mind. It tells a lot about an author when their fans will gush about their writing style and the reading experience when reading that author’s work.Michelle Zink’s A Temptation of Angels is my first book by Michelle Zink. My good friend Caitlin from whatchYAreading has urged me to read Zink’s books since we first met. I know, I am really late to the game, but that’s okay! It was well worth the wait. Zink brings a new spin to the paranormal story of angels. I was instantly drawn to the concept of angelic descendants and the protection they bring to the mortal world. I was instantly drawn to the world that Zink created, with every finite detail that was shown to me through her carefully thought out words.The beginning few pages were a great way to grab my attention. From the instant explosive adrenaline rush, I was hooked. I instantly connected to the heroine, Helen. Her innocence and lack of knowledge drew out my sympathy. But seeing her transform was something that I really enjoyed. It wasn’t really a coming-of-age story, but more like coming into her own. Helen has a unique personality and Zink voiced her perfectly. I knew who Helen was supposed to be and the fierce strength that she developed.A Temptation of Angels has a great cast of characters. Each one plays an integral part of the story, as well as in Helen’s life. Each moment in the book allowed for the characters to develop into their own leading characters, without being muddled in the background. I enjoyed learning about their past and am anxious to know about their futures.I love how Zink wrote this in an alternate universe, setting it in Victorian London. I love how the world is familiar, but still fresh and new. I appreciate the details woven throughout the book, enough so that I would reread a few scenes just to fully take in the moment.A Temptation of Angels was a fantastic book to add to my shelf of favorites. The culture of the Keepers, the thrill and excitement of the hunted, as well as the love story developed between two old friends and two new ones…well it was a perfect story filled with fantasy and wonder. I highly suggest picking this up.