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Oppression - Jessica Therrien Posted on Book Chelle.I first fell in love with Jessica Therrien's Oppression when I saw the cover a few months ago.. I was browsing around several publisher catalogs and book store sites for February releases. It's not a secret that I fall for book covers. So when I passed by Oppression's gorgeous book cover, how could I resist? I am almost always partial to a cover with a hue of green. Add to that the beautiful cover model with a simple font face. For me, it's cover win!Oppression revolves around Elyse, who on the outside looks a little older than 18, but in reality is closer to 90. She believes that she has a rare genetic disorder, but in fact she is a Descendant - someone born from the Greek gods. It has been prophesied that Elyse is the destined savior of the Descendants against the council, the offspring of the seven gods. But the pressure of the prophecy could be a little too much, especially for Elyse.I enjoyed Elyse. She was smart and loyal. Elyse had a good head on her shoulders, but that could be because she was closer to 90. But in her sheltered world, she understood things that maybe others wouldn't have. She appreciated what was around her and who she was. Elyse is loyal. If you see her actions, she didn't run away from her destiny. Instead, she accepted it.Each and every single character that I was introduced to brought something to the dynamic. From a main character to a supporting character, they each had a purpose, just like their own abilities. For me, Therrien tells the tale of each character in a very engaging way. She slowly reveals details and personality traits of each character, enough so that I have learned to embrace them individually.When I first started reading Oppression, I was pulled in by the first few pages. The them of mythology is a familiar one, but the premise of descendants living beyond what their physical appearance appears to be, is new to me. The world that Therrien created was enchanting, filled with the captivating history of where the Descendants came from and who they strive to be.I love it when authors put a twist on classic tales. Oppression is unique, definitely, but Therrien gave it a familiar feel. She introduced an astonishing world that complimented her characters nicely. They are all a part of everything, but each detail is unique and significant.There are a lot of answers left to be answered, and I can't wait for the following book. I am curious to find out more about The Council. I want to know who they are as a whole, and the different members. I also want to know more about Elyse and who she was. I just want more.I really enjoyed Oppression, and I think you will too. I highly urge you to pick up a copy today!