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Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan Posted on Book Chelle.3.5 starsRachel McClellan’s Fractured Light is about Llona, a young woman who struggles living a normal life. Part of a secret society of those with powers, she chooses to live outside of the guarded communities and schools to live among those who are normal. Llona understands that there are those who will endanger her life and cause her harm, but in her eyes, she is safer hidden as a needle in a haystack, verses inside a box full of pins.Llona is an Aura, who has the ability to manipulate light. Llona, among others who have similar abilities, is hidden from the likes of Vykens, a race of vampires that crave for the blood of her people. Her mother was murdered because of this, and her father killed in a car accident searching for the murderer.To me, Llona is a typical heroine. She struggles with her identity and loathes the very being of the power that makes her special. She goes against the society of Auras and does what she feels is right for herself. She questions everything about who she is, who her parents were, and who she wants to be only to find more questions that are left unanswered. I liked her enough, and she didn’t disappoint me, but I wish I connected to her more than I did.Swoony boy Christian was dreamy, but I didn’t appreciate how Llona changed because of him. I thought she was strong as an individual before meeting him, but again, this is just my taste and preference. The romance was angsty, but it was also sweet. I had moments of heart tingling emotions that brought me back to the days of my first crush.I enjoyed Fractured Light‘s plot and it did not disappoint me, but there were moments where I felt the flow of the story came at a stand still. Perhaps, I felt that I needed more information on certain parts and needed less in others. The beginning of the book was filled of normal teenage life, where the action and exciting moments happened near the end. Maybe this was the purpose of McClellan, but for me, the balance wasn’t there.As each page turns, the suspense builds up. All I could do was ignore the dwindling minutes of the day and read into the night. There are enough questions that are left answered for the imagination, but the main points were tied up with satisfaction.