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Incarnate - Jodi Meadows Posted on Book Chelle.For a reader, there is an imaginary line that appears when we read a book. For me, that line determines how my imagination reacts to what I'm reading. For me, it also determines how much I connect with a book.Jodi Meadows' Incarnate quickly had me crossing that line. My imagination was fueled by the wonderful images that Meadows wrote about. It wasn't just a book filled with words, instead it was a tool for a wonderful sensory adventure. Not only did I read the words, but my eyes saw the world that was built, and my soul heard the music being played.Ana is the reincarnated new soul deemed a no soul. She is the first in five thousand years. The townspeople of Heart have always feared her. She lives in isolation, raised by an abusive mother who only stayed around because of obligation. Ana has taught herself, forming a sense of strength, but clouded with insecurities and fears. At eighteen, she leaves home to find answers in the only place she knows, Heart.The story of Ana is wonderfully different. Her journey to search for her self as well as her soul touched me in a powerful and emotional way. I connected to Ana on many levels. Ana is brave and strong, filled with determination to know the truth. She has embraced her fears and insecurities, gathering strength and allowing for growth. Ana is wonderfully complex and unpredictable, but in such an amazing way. Ana is real and easy to relate to, that allowed me to easily place myself in her shoes. While I feel that I know her, I am sure that Ana will find a way to surprise me.Sam is one of my new swoony boys. I know it's not true, but reading Sam has made me believe that he was created for me...or someone like me. He is modest and intriguing, filled with passion and determination. Despite what Sam thinks of himself, I feel he is kind-hearted, and really, he is an old soul. Sam is a perfect gentleman, in every true sense of the word. There is a trust that forms a bond and sets the tone for the rest of the story. It's perfect.The connection between the two was magic. The progression of the relationship, a friendship blossoming into a romance, was perfect. To me, the story of Ana and Sam is a story of friendship, of commitment, and of choice. Their journey was from a distant land into a new place together. I don't want to spoil anything, but love like that is so simple, it lights the sky. Their travels, their adventures, their moments are symbolic of who they are.Incarnate has an original and captivating world. Meadows imagination translated beautifully into the detail and the culture of Heart. From the history of the souls, to the history of the world itself, it was like a movie playing on the screen. The writing flows, bringing the essence of the story to the forefront, and allowing the details to compliment each scene. The dialogue between characters had an organic feel to them, giving me an even deeper connection to the story.Incarnate is a journey, that forms a friendship into romance; a journey that uncovers answers to unknown questions.And the music. Gah. I have been around music all my life; piano especially. When I read those words, it was like Meadows wrote the story for someone like me. Music is for the soul, and Meadows' Incarnate is the perfect tune for yours.Incarnate by Jodi Meadows will sing for you as well. I highly urge you to pick up a copy today. Sam will greet you with a song of your very own.