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A Million Suns - Beth Revis Posted on Book Chelle.I will be gushing about A Million Suns in this review. I hope that you have read Across the Universe. IF you haven't, for the sake of reading any possible spoilers, I urge you to turn away now.Beth Revis' A Million Suns is the follow-up to the amazing story, Across the Universe. A Million Suns picks up, and the adventure continues. In the end of Across the Universe, an orbital chain of events led to decisions that were made, and as a result, the truth was revealed. Eldest is dead, and Elder leads his people aboard the Godspeed. The people are no longer influenced by Phydus, and are beginning to think individually instead of a collective. And while the truth has set them free, they still yearn to follow a leader. A leader that isn't Elder. I felt that A Million Suns was more Elder's story, than Amy's. Elder has had to grow up incredibly fast in a short amount of time. Elder aged a few years, in a matter of seconds. He is no longer the young man seeking information, instead is a man who yearns to lead his people. Elder comes to an understanding, allowing wisdom to come from unlikely places. I felt so much hurt for Elder, and in turn I too understand Eldest more. Through Elder, I understood where Revis took him as a character, growing from pain and allowing Elder to be a part of everything. Amy, in my opinion, is still growing at a slow and steady pace. Growing as a person disconnected from her family, growing as a person with confidence in her individuality, and growing as a girl who is unsure of her feelings for a boy. Amy holds on to her principles, even when it further alienates her among those aboard the Godspeed. Amy's fear has added to my love for her as a character. She has embraced everything thrown her way. Each scene that Revis has written for Amy has challenged her courage in every step of the way. The tone of the story has changed, from Across the Universe and now to A Million Suns. What I felt from Across the Universe, was a sense of curiosity that led to the proper questions. Across the Universe seemed lighter, easier on the turmoil. In A Million Suns, there was gray cloud of doom lingering over it. But I couldn't see it being done in any other way. There were decisions that were made, and Elder and Amy had to face the repercussions of their actions.So while the people asked questions, Revis answered the readers, allowing me to piece things together. But don't worry, Revis is more amazing than that to solve the puzzle right away. She has allowed for the life and the culture aboard Godspeed to naturally manifest into something in dystopian perfection. There is maturity across the board that brings A Million Suns to a whole new level. There are so many elements of mystery and enigma that appeals to the adult mind, but caters to the targeted genre. Beth Revis is an amazing author. Not only has she renewed my love of science fiction, but she has also brought me to a world that is comparable to none other. I thought that I had read all there was about the Godspeed. And while she allowed me to believe that for a good part of A Million Suns, she surprised me with a few more secrets and puzzles. Seriously guys, the culture that Revis has created aboard the Godspeed? It still amazes me. So much to learn, and we're at the second book of the series! There is a point in A Million Suns where I felt that it could be a standalone book. While A Million Suns is the perfect follow-up to Across the Universe, it wasn't just an addition to the story line. Instead, I felt that the two stories complimented each other in a way that one could be read without the other. (But as for the third book? Well, that's going to be a different story completely.) I underestimated Revis as a writer, as a world builder, and as a person who likes to tell a story. There is a message that shouts to me while I was reading A Million Suns : Respect is essential. Respect in their decisions and respect with the truth. I bow to you, Beth Revis, for your brilliance.