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Shattered Souls - Mary Lindsey Posted on Book Chelle.Mary Lindsey’s Shattered Souls is a story like none other. Lindsey takes the elements of ghosts and spectral beings, and adds the element of death, birth, and reincarnation. Paranormal elements with a beautiful love story has quickly made Shattered Souls one of my favorite books to date. Shattered Souls is definitely an experience to behold.Lenzi is a troubled teen, like many other teens. You see, Lenzi is different from you and I. She fears that she is turning into her father. And while most us feel that that is perfectly fine, you have to understand who Lenzi’s father is – a schizophrenic. Pills and denial keep her thoughts and the voices at bay, only to help placate her worrying mother and boyfriend, Zak.But is perception Lenzi’s reality? One eye-opening night changes Lenzi’s world, completely. Alden comes to her, in the midst of a nervous breakdown, and tells her that she isn’t crazy. The voices that she’s heard? It isn’t what she originally thought. Alden urges Lenzi to trust her, like she has for so many centuries. Wait, what?Lenzi is a Speaker, a person with the ability to speak to lost souls, ghosts, and help them find their purpose and move on. Alden, is a Protector, the person who aids and protects the speaker from the dangers and evils of malevolent souls. They live through centuries, living through reincarnations to help lost souls.Instinct has guided Lenzi to adapt to the knowledge of who she truly is. While she has no recollection of who she is as a Speaker, or even any inkling of her past lives, Lenzi slowly accepts who she is. At least it’s better than the alternative, right? Lenzi was real, in my opinion. She was an enjoyable character to get to know. Lindsey wrote her with very realistic emotions and decisions, given everything thrown her way. Even with the situations at hand, she is able to approach each one and handle them accordingly. Lenzi is a strong heroine, with or without her memories.Alden had a strong presence in Shattered Souls. He wasn’t just a supporting character, he was a main character. Alden balanced the neurosis of Lenzi, and completed the dynamic of the story. He was mature, calculated, and stable. It was fun to break through his barriers and really get to know him.Love? Shattered Souls shows a different side of love and relationship that many other stories do not delve into. There is much more love shown through duty and loyalty, that I have noticed anyways. There were feelings and emotions that were confided between the characters that portrayed a deeper level of intimacy. Whether it is Lenzi’s love of an obligation, or Alden’s love of loyalty, you will be infatuated with Shattered Souls.Lindsey created a world that I think should be transpired into another form of media. The concept of lost and malevolent souls is definitely what drew me in. The history between the characters, as well as the society of Speakers and Protectors, had me hooked and obsessed. She took my favorite aspects of science fiction and wrote this beautiful tale. Lindsey is an exceptional writer and her talent should be known.Lindsey has taught me that we are all a part of everything. I urge you to pick this up and read it today.