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The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman Posted on Book Chelle.When I chose Juliet Dark's The Demon Lover, I was attracted to the cover first, and the synopsis second. The cover is gorgeous. The simple, yet elegant font. The varying hues of blue gave me a feeling of melancholy. The crows gathering in the background. The lonely female in the fore front. There was a story screaming to be told, and I had to read it.As a young teen, Cailleach McFay was visited by a mysterious man in her dreams. He was a mysterious lover that became a wile creature of moonlight and shadow. Adult Callie, will forever live with those dreams, constantly visited by the spectral lover of her younger life. Her fascination grew enough to make a career out of it. And after some thought, and other worldly persuasion, Callie now accepted a teaching position at a remote college in Fairwick, NY, primarily focusing on gothic myth and folklore.It's not as cut and dry as that. Callie's decision to accept the teaching position at Fairwick College was a result of feeling an unexplained pull to Honeysuckle House, a Victorian home that was previously owned by writer Dahila LaMotte. It wasn't until she moved into Honeysuckle, did she once again have passionate dreams from her demon lover. There was magic beyond the front doors of Honeysuckle, and it wasn't always a good thing.Personally, I felt that Callie wasn't a strong protagonist. She has her moments, but if I looked at her overall character, I felt like she went where her desires led her. I completely understand, don't get me wrong. I felt like she made her decisions based on love and passion. At times, I felt she was lost and confused. Oh Callie, you were very indecisive at times. It drove me a little crazy.The set up seemed to take over the story. I felt the characters were overshadowed by the amount of detail being written into the story. There were so many character stories written in Demon Lover that it was a little hard to keep up. While I was trying to gather my thoughts with Callie, I was learning something new about each individual supporting character.It's a little difficult to write this review. There were so many great things about the world that Dark built. From the culture within the isolated town of Fairwick, to the magical world of the fae. I was so fascinated with the world that Dark built. Her version of the fae, the succubus, and other paranormal creatures were marvelous. It was like time stood still in Fairwick. The town had so much history and the environment was magical. Dark did not spare any details to create such vivid imagery.I wasn't comfortable with a lot of the passionate scenes written in Demon Lover. The demon lived by sucking the life out of them. The sex, while steamy, was not always pleasant. Hmm, I'm wording this wrong. I didn't always favor the way sex was initiated, when it regarded Callie. If only there was a better description of why, and maybe a better approach to the start of the scenes to make it seem like she wasn't being taken advantage of. But then again, Callie was a huge flirt and welcomed trouble.I felt that Demon Lover was slow at the start, but understandable since there is a lot of back story to be told. There was so much culture and history that was introduced to the reader. There were several sub plots that connect to the main plot, and at times felt like they over shadowed the focus.I loved the symbolism of the door that represented the entrance between the human world and that of the fae. It also connected to the fine line that separates common sense and passionate thought. There is a glimmer of darkness that looms throughout the book, but as it should when the story has a demon in it, don't you think?The story was exciting, even if I felt that the delivery wasn't perfect. The ending was perfect for the tone of the book, and I still want to know what happens to Callie and her demon lover.