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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Posted on Book Chelle.I have a lot of things to stay about Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Prince, and The Infernal Devices series. It's just hard to type them out on a book review, for everyone to see. After much anticipation, Clockwork Prince is finally here. I have to admit, I only read Clockwork Angel a few days prior to Clockwork Prince's release date. I was hesitant to start the series, fearing that I will get obsessed into another great series. But after much persuasion from some friends, and the awesome WovenMyst, I finally joined the group.Warning: I will try my best to not say anything spoilerish, but sometimes I get carried away and it happens. So please, read with caution.The second book in The Infernal Devices, Clockwork Prince, continues almost immediately after Clockwork Angel. After the invasion of the Magister, the Institute is still in a state of turmoil. Now, more than ever, the Nephilim question the leadership abilities of Charlotte, and are summoned by the Clave and the Consul. As one last chance, the Consul has allowed for Charlotte and company to track down Mortmain. The Shadowhunters, with the aid of Tessa, must search all over London for any clues that could bring them closer to Mortmain.Tessa has grown up since we last saw her. And with the help of the events that took place in Clockwork Angel, Tessa has grown more confident with herself as well as her abilities. I feel that she believes she has a purpose now, that she belongs. Her feelings for both Will and Jem are as confused and conflicted as ever. Despite the events that have taken place in and out of the Institute, only Tessa can control her future. Whether it's fate, destiny, or a mastermind plan too brilliant to be a coincidence, Tessa must find out the truth.Jem is a darling, darling young man. In Clockwork Prince, we find out a little more about him. We are privy to his family history and past, and in turn we see more of his personality. We also see a lot more of that personality when he is with Tessa. It's like he has a renewed life, another reason to live. But Jem is a lot more complex than it may seem. I understood him to be much more guarded than Will, but I could be wrong.And then there is Will. *sigh* Where do I even begin? Will is the tall, dark, and mysterious boy that Clare must want you to love. He is the ultimate enigma. And ladies, isn't that our luck? Don't we always want the boy that we can't have? It seems that Clockwork Prince is all about revelations, because we also understand Will in a way that I will never forget. He is strong, yet shows this vulnerable side that I did not see coming.To me, Clockwork Prince is like the older sibling of Cassandra Clare's earlier books. I feel that the way she built the world was much more detailed than her earlier books. To see Victorian London through her eyes, to hear the sounds that she heard, and to feel the chills of the cold nights - amazing. The characters that she has wonderfully created have also evolved from her earlier books. The depth and complexity of each character is inspiring. The relationships that are weaved through the story can only be written from someone as talented as Clare.And the romantic tension? Whew!In the epic battle of Team Jem and Team Will, I must warn you, Clare does not make it easy in Clockwork Prince. The love triangle is in full force, and by the end of the book, you will have a hard time making a decision. But isn't that the brilliance of Clare's books? You can never predict the ending. Clare knows this, we all know this. Clare will throw us for a loop when we think we understand what's going on. And that's what makes an amazing author, doesn't it?I was mesmerized by the way Clare wrote this story. There is a familiarity with the characters that I do not normally get with other stories or characters. Clare engrosses you with the personalities of each character, main or supporting. The structure of the theme, the plot...everything - filled with so much detail and vivid imagery. At the end of the day, I was transported to London utilizing almost all 5 of my senses.Although I loved this book, I must say that I did not like the angst at all. But that is me and my tastes. My heart was breaking at every page. And maybe it's how Clare wanted to write it, but I felt that it was a lot. The first two-thirds of the book was slowly paced, allowing the reader to get back into the world. And in the last third, it felt like we were on a roller coaster to impending doom!But I will say this. I am obsessed with the series and anxiously await for the next. Cassandra Clare, I tip my hat to you and your brilliance.