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Crave - Melissa Darnell Posted on Book Chelle.I didn't fully read the synopsis when I picked up this book. I heard some positive buzz surrounding Melissa Darnell's Crave and decided that I needed to read this as well. I was drawn to the cover, with its gorgeous red background to a black and white model. I was intrigued. Why was the cover model in black and white? Why was the background tinted red? Crave's cover was going against the grain and I wanted to know the story that accompanied it.In Darnell's Crave, Savannah Colbert once felt like she belonged. Up until the fourth grade, her then best friends included her in everything. Up until the fourth grade, she played with the Colemans. Up until the fourth grade, she belonged. Suddenly, in the fourth grade, they avoided her, leaving her alone without any rhyme or reason. And ever since the fourth grade, they no longer treated her like one of them. Instead it was the opposite; they treated her like a freak.Savannah has spent a good part of her life never knowing who she really is. Savannah isn't just a normal girl, she is special. And because of that, the Clann has chosen to ostracize her from the rest of their society. A sudden illness has ripped off the bandage, so-to-speak, and has brought on some noticeable changes. Her estranged father has finally made appearances, the boys are paying attention to her, and the one that she missed the most is talking to her again.But you see, there is a reason, and when you find out, it will explain everything.The Clann has ruled and mandated society for as long as they could remember. This powerful group has protected and controlled everyone around them. Their word is law, and nothing has been strong enough to question it. With the knowledge passed down from the Descendents, the Clann knows some pretty powerful magic. Darnell adds a great supernatural element to this story line adding in details of history and culture between the witches.To me, Tristan Coleman is Savannah's antithesis. He is a part of the Clann and own some powerful magic. He is next in line to lead the Clann, and has finally accepted his responsibilities. Tristan is popular and loved by almost everyone. He is the star of the football team and has no problem with the ladies. His family is involved in his life, even if it's for the wrong reasons. Tristan is accepted into society, while Savannah is an outcast.The beginning of the story was great. I thought the pace was just right and I was emotionally invested in the characters. I loved Savannah and even sympathized with her. I longed for her to find her answers and find the identity that she truly deserved. She was strong and determined to live her life, happily, with or without popularity.Then, in the last half of the book, Savannah changed. With her new identity, I felt that she lost a large part of herself. Here she is, with all of this knowledge and power, and she became a love-sick puppy. Is it realistic? Yes. Teenage love is powerful. I've been there, and I am sure I have made some similar decisions. Darnell has written a beautiful story that follows the steps of Romeo and Juliet. I really like how Crave included the element paranormal beings. It brought in another level of depth to the story. Forbidden love will always play a major role in stories like this, and Crave is no exception. Tristan and Savannah long for each other and slowly accept the cards that have been dealt to them.I suggest this for fans of love. Tristan is worth getting to know. Love Romeo and Juliet? You'll love this too.