Book Chelle

Classic Elite Quick Knits: 100 Fabulous Patterns for Wraps, Socks, Hats, and More - Classic Elite I'm not a stranger to knitting books, but this is the first that I received through NetGalley. I was worried that if I didn't have the physical book, the effect wouldn't be the same. I was wrong.I am a fan of Classic Elite and their yarn, so what better way than to own this book. I eventually went and bought the actual book because I felt the patterns were timeless and could be made over and over again. Classic Elite Quick Knits offered a wide variety of patterns, ranging skills from the beginner knitter to the advanced pro. This book has basic patterns, like a few simple scarves, and some amazing advanced patterns that I will have to spend some time on. The pictures were great and represented the patterns beautifully. I covet the perfection of the samples. I only hope that I can produce finished products like those. Classic Elite Quick Knits is a great book to own in your knitting library. I am sure that you will grow with this book, and use time and time again.Knitters of all ages, this book is for you.