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Hexed - Kevin Hearne Posted on Book Chelle.In this great follow-up of the Iron Druid Chronicles, Kevin Hearne does it again with Hexed. I haven't read a book so jam-packed with action, awesome world-building, or a story with so many great well-rounded characters. I mean, I haven't even mentioned the amazing plot filled with witty one-liners. Hearne outdid himself with Hexed.After defeating his rival and nemesis, Aenghus Og, Atticus O'Sullivan was looking forward to some rest and relaxation with his best friend and trusty wolfhound, Oberon. He has plans to hunt with Oberon, fix the damaged patch of earth, and just relax in peace. But of course, there will be no rest for the last of the druids. There are consequences to pay since the end of Hounded. First, pantheons have visited our famous druid, warning him and endangering him. Coyote pays him a visit and tricks him into a battle with a fallen angel. Then almost immediately after, Atticus almost dies to a targeted magic attack. Good thing his amulet saved him, because he will need it. More witches threaten Atticus' peaceful life in Arizona. The Daughters of the Third House want to kill Atticus and the Coven of the Sisters of the Three Auroras. Yes, the same group of witches that Atticus made peace with through a contract. The Daughters of the Third House have some heavy hitters on their side. Who? Why, Bacchus and the Bacchants of course! But wait, there's more! There's dealing with Brighid and the proposal of a lifetime. There are the maenads who invade. There is the Kabbalistic priest with a group called the Hammers of God. Oh, don't forget that the police are still after him after his shenanigans from the previous book. Atticus reveals a little more about himself in this book. While he seemed like he was a loner in the first book, this book showed his compassion. Maybe his softer side, that's for sure. We see a glimpse of his past, during WWII. Hearne reveals Atticus' imperfect self along with the flaws and mistakes he has had to live through over the years. We see Atticus' character grow, as well as the other supporting characters. Atticus has mostly had to deal with his problems alone, well maybe except for Oberon. But in Hexed, Atticus had help. His druid-in-training, Granuaile has shown a lot of promise, intelligence, and strength. The Coven of the Sisters of the Three Auroras have been tapped to aid Atticus' battle with the other coven of witches. The Morrigan, and her fondness for Atticus, shows a little more depth and emotion as she helps him in unexpected ways. Hearne has filled Hexed with so much detail, but has done it in a way that it is not too much. Like I said for Hounded, he knows how to pace everything perfectly. From the story line to the information, Hearne has filled my imagination with fantastic imagery. I mean, every page contributed to the amazing story arc, and with each word led to the build up of a unique and great plot. It's like watching a whole series on dvd. You can't turn away because you're drawn in to Atticus' world. And what a wonderful world it is. This book had a lot more going on than in the first book. Think there were 3 different battles? Looking forward to reading about his time in Asgard, in book 3, Hammered.