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Good Girls Don't (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #1) - Victoria Dahl Posted on Book Chelle.In this contemporary fiction, Dahl introduces us to Tessa Donovan, baby sister. Aside from keeping the family together, she is also involved in the marketing aspect of the business. The Donovon family owns and runs the family business, the Donovan Brothers brewery. Due to the early death of their parents, the oldest brother, Eric, took the responsibility in taking care of Jamie and Tessa.Good Girl's Don't starts with an unfortunate break-in the brewery which causes middle brother Jamie to seek out Tessa's help. Not only for the break-in, but for a business deal that could elevate their brewery is threatened by Jamie's actions. Tessa has deemed herself the peacekeeper between her two brothers, and has urged Jamie to keep this secret from Eric. She assures him that neither the break-in or the deal are related and both will eventually be okay.Detective Luke Asher has been assigned to the brewery burglary and is instantly attracted to Tessa. Unfortunately for Luke and Tessa, Jamie quickly warns them away from each other. With respect for Jamie, Luke attempts to stay away, but lucky for him, Good Girl's Don't."I have heard of Dahl's work before, and have heard nothing but great things. So, unfortunately, I may have had high expectations for this story. The writing was done well, evidence of a veteran. Everything about the synopsis screamed a great read. The premise seemed promising and the romance to be steamy, but I just could not relate to Tessa.So what happened? I just did not agree with Tessa's outlook in life in having to hide everything from her brothers. Especially brothers who are close to her. I felt that she was immature at times, and it just came out as a little tiresome. She was amusing when she was around Luke, but once she was around her brother's, she turned into a little kid.Luke is admirable and is someone who you would want to take home to your parents. He is one of the decent guys that has a bad streak. While he tries his best to stay away from Tessa, he just cannot help himself. And boy, do you envy Tessa. He is definitely the tall drink of water that makes reading Good Girls Don't so worthwhile.The characters were versatile and humorous, and romance scenes tasteful. The dialogue was full of witty banter that had me laughing out loud on several occasions. There were some aspects of the story that I felt didn't belong and could have been left out. I felt that some things were drawn out.Good Girl's Don't is a good light and fun read, filled with sexy and romantic scenes. I am looking forward to the next book and see what's in store with the Donovan family.