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Stork - Wendy Delsol Posted on Book Chelle.3.5 of 5 starsI didn't know what to expect. I actually read the synopsis of the second book prior to reading the first book. But don't worry, I didn't really get any spoilers out of reading it. Wendy Delsol's Stork is a story about storks, followed with Norse mythology. I had just read Hounded and enjoyed all the Norse mythology and folklore that had, so imagine my surprise when I realized Stork had the same elements as well.Katla LeBlank has just moved from LA to a rural part of Minnesota. Kat, as she prefers to be called, is a true Los Angeles girl and hates the cold. There are so many differences between the two cities: brand name shopping, color, and definitely the weather. Her mother has uprooted Kat and herself to be closer to her father, as well as start over. Kat has been reluctant to warm up to the people and the culture in this small town. She even resists dressing properly for the weather. By a sign of fate, Kat has found herself inducted into an ancient secret society of finding homes for spirits of children. Okay, take that in for a second. Kat's new purpose, along with her newly found social circle, is to choose the proper and fitting homes of the spirits of unborn children. I found that to be a little weird, as well as referring to the womb as a vessel, but I went with it.Along with new powers comes responsibility and knowledge. There is obviously a disturbance in the stork society's circle and it seems to originate from the day that Kat was inducted and accepted. Someone, or something, has gone out of their way to bring evil and harm to her.I really liked Kat and who she was as a person. She was brave, daring, but loyal. She took the secret and embraced the responsibility bestowed upon her. Her voice was smart and funny; definitely full of wit. Despite the circumstances, I found her to be refreshing. Although, I didn't think it was realistic for her to comprehend everything so quickly. Kat has flaws, but she seemed to be empathetic to her surroundings. I saw that she matured with each obstacle, and I thought that made her a great protagonist.Then there's Jack. I knew there was something about him that I liked, but i couldn't it figure out. He was mysterious and broody like some other boys that I know. Once I got to know him, I really fell in love. He is sweet and says all the right things. So many heart melting moments. If only someone loved me like Jack did. The intensity and love that he shows Kat, it's really something else. And wait until you realize who Jack really is. I loved learning about the customs that originate from Iceland, and I love the way Delsol translates it into this great paranormal element. There were some aspects of the book that didn't seem to mesh together well, for me at least. There were a lot of enjoyable details and parts to the story, but when it got down to the main plot, I felt lost at times. There was the romance, and the nature of it. Then there was the responsibility, and her goal. And then we have the twist, and the danger of it. But despite everything, I enjoyed it. While the world building lacked a little fluidity, the pacing of the story was not slow. It kept on par with everything that was going on. I read through this quickly, waiting in anticipation for what's in store for Kat and Jack.