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Hounded - Kevin Hearne Posted on Book Chelle.Back in July, I attended Comic Con for the first time. And what I quickly realized is that the exhibitors love to tell you about their items and give you things. The good people at Del Rey Books gave me some awesome books. And within the assortment was a copy of Kevin Hearne's Hounded. I didn't hear anything about Hounded prior to Comic Con, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had actually forgotten about it until I received an e-mail that I could now access my digital copy over on NetGalley.Meet Atticus O'Sullivan, or as his gods know him, Siodhachan O'Suileahbain, a 2000 plus year old Druid who resides in Tempe, Arizona. Atticus lives with his very loyal wolfhound, Oberon and owns a shop that specializes in ancient and arcane books as well as herbal remedies. He is chummy with the Celtic gods, has a vampire AND a werewolf as his lawyers, and has known to do a favor for a witch or two.Atticus has had a long and eventful past. Because of a battle that resulted in the ownership of a magical sword, Fragrach, Atticus' arch enemy has hunted him down through the centuries. When the hunt for Atticus has increased and endangered the few people that he has trusted, he decides to stop running and face the god head on.Hounded is a perfect example of an urban fantasy. You have a druid protagonist, elements that include celtic folk-lore and mythology, as well as supernatural lawyers on speed dial? Hearne doesn't stop there though. He has not only included ancient mythologies, he has also added current pop culture. Did I forget to mention that he can communicate with his wolfhound, Oberon? I enjoyed the world building in Hounded. I appreciated every little detail that Hearne included without going overboard. I loved Atticus. He is dashing, handsome, and a hero. At times, he doesn't seem to have lived over 2000 years, but I think that is a great way that Hearne has brought Atticus to the present. He has some pretty awesome one-liners that had me laughing out loud in the wee hours of the night. Everything about this book screamed a man's point of view. Even Oberon had his own moment in the spotlight, and each moment was priceless.Atticus is a hero that would probably be favored by both men and women alike. He is a true hero and has the sex appeal of a movie star. The folk-lore, the details, and the world that Hearne created is magical. I enjoyed every word that was written to build up the story. Nothing was too much and everything was enjoyable. If only there was a show or movie that I could watch obsessively.If you haven't read this yet, I would suggest you pick it up today. While you're at it, pick up Book 2, Hexed, and 3, Hammered. I have and they are all worth the read. You'll quickly fall in love with Atticus and Oberon, just as much as I did.